Agilent Technologies' Wireless Network Optimization Platform Selected by ITRI for WiMAX(tm) Network Deployment in Taiwan

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Mobile WiMAX(tm) is the high-performance mobile communication network, and telecommunications operators around the world are aggressively deploying WiMAX systems. Carriers in emerging markets, such as India <> and Taiwan, are racing to deploy WiMAX networks. The six operators in Taiwan that won WiMAX operating licenses last year are expected to roll out their networks and provide commercial services in the second half of 2008. ITRI will use Agilent's WiMAX test systems to enable this rollout of networks and services.

Optimal Technologies International Inc. , the leading developer of technologies to optimize power grid systems and advanced building automation platforms, today announced the commercial release of AEMPFAST, an analytical, planning and operational platform that provides unprecedented visibility over an entire utility network to maximize power generation, transmission and distribution. AEMPFAST has the potential to completely eradicate blackouts, significantly reduce costs for energy producers and end-users, create more reliable and efficient power, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

AEMPFAST (Advanced Energy Management Power Flow Analysis System Technology) features proprietary Resource Sensitivity Index (RSI) technology, which measures the performance and reliability of every single location in the power grid to prioritize and optimally manage all its resources. AEMPFAST gives power providers a clear view of potential problems – erratic power, no power, poor power quality – and a clear view of the solutions – rerouting power to maximize efficiency without impacting the end-user's experience. This type of fundamental system-wide visibility and analysis has never been made available to energy companies and utilities until today.

"At Optimal, our goal is to make energy production and transmission more efficient, less expensive and more conducive to our long-term global energy needs. The current grid system has no central operating system, no brain to connect the nerves and parts that continue to be added. It must be optimized to meet 21st century energy requirements and address our growing environmental challenges," said Optimal Founder and CEO Roland Schoettle. "AEMPFAST makes the grid smart by showing in detail all parts of energy usage and providing actionable recommendations on how to deliver positive change at the system level. The result is maximized efficiency within our existing power networks."

AEMPFAST enables higher net values of efficiency for every single asset in the grid – from generators to homes, down to light bulbs and outlets. In numerous tests during its many-year development period, AEMPFAST has proven its ability to improve an existing network's energy capacity by at least 10 percent, without installation of new hardware or significant capital investment. AEMPFAST also:

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