Cooper Tools Offers Even More Flexibility and Higher Performance with Wireless Intelligent Tools for Safety-Critical Fastening

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Cooper Tools announces an industry first, Cleco LiveWire with Vmax™, a tethered solution that drives up to 83% more speed without sacrificing accuracy or durability. This new innovation utilizes the same 10 tools to 1 line controller solution with up to 50% cost savings over traditional systems. Vmax is the latest addition to the LiveWire family, the World's first cordless assembly tools for safety-critical joints.

"Our tradition of supplying innovative, cost-effective solutions continues with LiveWire Technology – now you have the choice of cordless freedom or tethered speed," said Dwayne Dupuis. "The Vmax technology auto senses the applied battery or Vmax power source and transitions the maximum tool speed capability on the fly."

LiveWire with Vmax continues to deliver the legendary heritage of durability associated with the Cleco brand. Plug into any standard wall outlet to create a versatile in-station error proofing solution. LiveWire features an industry standard 2.4 GHz Wireless Local Area Network, programmable wireless security encryption and authentification, plus a 512-cyle tool memory buffer that ensures no safety critical data is ever compromised.

About Cooper Power Tools
Cooper Power Tools manufactures a wide variety of DC electric and pneumatic tools, assembly equipment and related software, specialized drills and cutters, servos, torque measurement and controls, screwdriver bits and sockets, hoist and universal joints. For more information, visit

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