California Instruments 5001iX programmable AC and DC power source/analyzer available from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

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This multi-functional power source and analyzer can be used for a variety of testing purposes. For product evaluation and test, the built-in output transient generation and readback measurement capability offers the convenience of a practical and integrated test system. With an output frequency range to 500 Hz, the 5001iX is well suited for aerospace applications and the standard IEEE-488 control interface command language provides for simple integration into existing ATE systems. When it comes to regulatory testing, it has been designed to meet AC source requirements for use in Euromorm EN 61000 compliance testing and can be used to create the required IEC 725 reference impedance for flicker testing. The 5001iX can also be used for high power applications by using multi-box configurations and can drive difficult nonlinear loads with ease using its high crest factor of up to 5:1.
The 5001iX comes standard with IEEE-488 and RS232C remote control interfaces, which allows programming for all instrument functions from an external computer. Windows® Instrument Control Software provides easy access to power source capabilities without the need to develop an custom code.

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