New forged alloy steel 2169 Series shackles

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Tulsa, Okla., January 25, 2010—The Crosby Group introduces the new forged alloy steel 2169 Series shackles. The 2169 Series have the same attributes as the company’s 2160 “Wide Body” shackles but with a screw pin design.

The 2169 Series significantly improves the life of wire rope slings and can be used to connect high strength round slings, synthetic round slings and wire rope slings. The increase in shackle bow radius of the 2169 Series provides minimum 58 percent gain in sling bearing surface. In addition, the 2169 Series increases the usable sling strength a minimum of 15 percent.

The 2169 is available in 7, 12.5 and 18 metric tonnes capacities, as well as in a galvanized or self-colored finish.