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Bridgeport, CT—Utility safety: Highfield Manufacturing Co., a producer of high-quality security systems for utilities, OEM and niche market applications, introduces a revolutionary locking system featuring the industry’s first barrel lock without a keyway. The system also includes a novel “tool-like” key design with an ergonomic, rugged handgrip to make installation and maintenance easy, quick and comfortable.     

The Paladin Lock and Key System™ is designed to protect electric, gas and water utility meters with an added layer of protection against tampering and exposure to outdoor environments. The lock’s solid surface prevents picking or jamming with sharp objects and keeps debris, bugs, water and contaminants from entering the lock. It also prevents corrosion of the internal locking mechanism.  

“Because the lock has no opening, it eliminates the weak spot that can cause the key to break and make traditional locks inoperable,” explains Ed Cirella, Highfield’s national sales director. “For those utilities that need to replace their locks or repair their keys frequently because of damage caused by tampering and corrosion, the Paladin locking system provides a practical solution that can help stem the drain on budgets and resources.” Cirella adds that one of the first electric utility customers to install the Paladin Lock and Key System on its commercial meters has seen such positive results that it is considering expanding implementation to other applications.   

The Paladin Lock and Key System incorporates a range of features that save money and keep operations productive and safe. The lock’s stainless steel construction ensures resistance to corrosion.

The key’s mechanism can be repaired from the field, thus reducing downtime. The robust design eliminates finger breakage associated with traditional lever-style keys. Since there is no key orientation on the lock, the key can operate in any position for added convenience and flexibility.  

The Paladin lock fits Highfield’s and other manufacturers’ locking hardware. It meets standard-length barrel lock dimensions and is available in a short-length barrel. The lock design is based on proprietary technology (patent pending).

A hermetic cap for the Paladin lock, as well as for other Highfield barrel locks, is available for applications in water or high-moisture environments, making it ideally suited for water utilities.

Highfield Manufacturing Co. is a global producer of high-quality security products that help electric, gas and water utility industries meet their safety, security and revenue protection needs. The company also offers a complete line of locking devices and hardware, including safety valves, accessories and specialty products for diverse customers in the home heating oil, natural gas, utility, industrial OEM and niche markets.  Founded more than 75 years ago, Highfield       Manufacturing Co. is part of Rexnord’s Process & Motion Control platform.

For more information about Highfield Manufacturing or other locking systems, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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