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Electrician tools: Greenlee Utility launches three new remote heads and a new line of ready-to-use non-conductive hoses. All three new products are intended to help line crews work faster, safer, and easier.

“These new remote heads help create common work standards for utility line crews,” said Ryan Berg, Product Manager for Greenlee. “They’re the same specifications and designs as our line of professional Gator® [battery-powered] tools. And, when combined with a Greenlee battery pump [EHP700L], they’re just as smart, too.”

When used in combination with the EHP700L Battery-Powered Hydraulic Pump, these three new heads can be used with Intelli-CRIMP ­ a pressure sensor that sounds audible and visual alerts if a crimp is applied below specifications.

Also launched is a new line of non-conductive hoses. All three sizes [6, 10, and 33-foot] come fully assembled with male and female 3/8-inch NPT screwtype connectors and pre-charged with hydraulic fluid. Tested to withstand up to a 40,000 PSI burst, Greenlee hoses are also certified non-conductive per SAE-J517. Standard hoses are also available in a ready-to-use configuration.

The RK12CX Multifunction Remote Head is designed for 12-ton line work. The head works with a variety of Greenlee crimping, knockout, and cutting blades and adaptors [UA12ID, UC40, UCNC38, UA12P]. At 9.75 pounds (4.42 kg) it can be operated with a single hand.

The RK425 Remote Cutting/Crimping Head is a 6-ton head compatible with seven different Greenlee cutting/crimping jaws [CJD3BG, CJD30, CJD3, CJK, CJB, CJXPJ, CJ22]. The unit weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kg) for easier operation. The head also features a patented quick-release pin ensures secure jaw engagement.

The RK12ID Dieless Crimping Head is a 12-ton head designed to crimp 4 AWG to 1,000 kcmil copper or 6 AWG to 1,000 kcmil aluminum cables. At 9.75 pounds (4.42 kg) it can also be operated with a single hand.

Greenlee Non Conductive Hoses are available in 6-foot, 10-foot, and 33-foot lengths. All include standard 3/8-inch NPT screwtype (male and female) fittings. SAEJ517 Certified non-conductive.

For more information about Greenlee or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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