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Fleet management systems: CASE Construction Equipment announced the launch of CASE SiteWatch™, its telematics, remote monitoring and data reporting solution that provides customers with actionable information to help manage their fleets and optimize machine performance.

Using a control module that integrates with the machine, SiteWatch sends real-time data to a user Web portal accessible from nearly anywhere in the world. An intuitive interface allows customers and dealers to review and analyze up to 18 months worth of information. SiteWatch experts at each CASE dealership are on hand to consult with customers and provide tailored assistance, from setup to detailed data analysis.

“We developed SiteWatch to empower our customers, especially small- to mid-size operations that may not be as familiar with the technology,” says Jim Hasler, vice president, CASE Construction-North America.

For example, currently CASE is the only OEM with a dedicated telematics customer call center.

“Knowledge is power,” says Hasler. “SiteWatch provides critical data that our customers and their dealers can analyze to maximize machine utilization. SiteWatch empowers our customers to increase productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability.”

SiteWatch proactively keeps users and their dealers informed with performance metrics, idle-time analytics, scheduled maintenance intervals, machine health reporting and programmable security alerts. This information allows customers and dealers to identify machine performance trends, operator efficiencies and training requirements.

“We look at SiteWatch as an essential business tool for today’s operations,” says Brad Stemper, solutions marketing manager, CASE Construction. “SiteWatch comes pre-programmed to monitor up to 12 parameters, many of which are customizable, so the output can be as simple or comprehensive as our customers need, and this information allows them to make immediate decisions to improve costs, lower fuel consumption and complete scheduled maintenance. SiteWatch also can tell customers which machines are ready for deployment, allowing them to maximize productivity and fleet utilization.”

According to Stemper, another key business purpose for SiteWatch is accurate, fast job costing. Rather than spending time calling operators to get machine hours, SiteWatch keeps track of machine usage and run-time on a daily or monthly basis. Customers can quickly pull up a detailed, precise picture of their fleets’ capabilities, and potentially offset rental cost.

SiteWatch can also help conserve fuel and battery life through various power management settings including Hibernate, Sleep and Standby modes. It can protect a customer’s fleet in a number of ways including curfew, geofencing and motion detection even when the machine is turned off. If a machine does leave the premises, SiteWatch aids in tracking and recovery, helping to significantly reduce theft-related costs.

Customers can choose between a basic and advanced SiteWatch subscription, depending on how much information is needed and how often.

SiteWatch currently is standard equipment on the F Series wheel loaders, and includes a standard three-year advanced subscription plan. CASE will continue to roll out SiteWatch as standard equipment on select heavy machines throughout 2013. It’s also available as a factory option on select machines or as a dealer-installed accessory on virtually any self-powered piece of equipment.

For more information about Case Construction or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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