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Utility safety: Graphic Products, a provider of workplace labeling and signage, has introduced a wallet-sized Globally Harmonized System (GHS) reference card, which groups important GHS information in a convenient format. The universally recognized symbols were developed by the United Nations for easy reference when working with hazardous chemicals. Many companies are now using these cards as part of GHS required training for employees.

The double sided, 3.36" X 2.12" plastic card features:

-Nine pictograms
· Health hazard
· Corrosion
· Gas Cylinder
· Exclamation Mark
· Skull and crossbones
· Flame Over Circle
· Flame
· Exploding Bomb
· Environmental (non-OSHA)
-Sample of a label
-Detailed descriptions
-Phone number to call for knowledgeable free support

Graphic Product has also introduced a number of GHS related reference materials including several updates in DuraNews, trade magazine articles and the International GHS Labeling Best Practice Guide which provides information about the U.S. Requirements for GHS labels, as well as those of other major countries. The next major GHS requirement, according to OSHA, is June 1, 2015, when compliance with all modified provisions is the final rule and distributors shall only ship containers labeled by the chemical manufacturer or importer if it is a GHS label -- but you can start using GHS labels now for a smooth transition to meet the June deadline.

The Graphic Products line-up now features more than seven DuraLabel systems, including Lobo, Toro, 9000, 7000, and 4000. GHS labeling kits are available for the DuraLabel Toro, DuraLabel Pro, and DuraLabel 9000 labeling systems. GHS labeling kits include all necessary equipment and supplies to help facilities adhere to worldwide chemical labeling standards including GHS diamond labels pre-printed with one to four red diamonds, allowing easy customization for different chemical hazards.

“We will continue to refresh our GHS resource catalog with new materials, supplies, and labeling systems based on customer demand,” said Steve Stephenson, Graphic Products.

With more than 50 unique labeling supplies, Graphic Products, Inc. is equipped to solve problems in the industrial safety arena -- providing the right label material for nearly every type of application including arc flash, pipe marking, facility safety, mining, food processing and construction.

Graphic Products carries a full line of thermal transfer printers for every application, free technical support, and a five-year warranty on labels made with premium vinyl. Satisfied customers throughout the world include P&G,, Georgia-Pacific, Boeing, John Deere, Conoco, Sara Lee, Toyota and General Electric. Graphic Products is The Global Leader in Workplace Labeling & Signage.

For more information about Graphic Products or other products, click here to go to Utility Products’ Buyers Guide.

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