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Energy management: PlanetEcosystems announced a new area of functionality in its P-ECOSYS consumer engagement platform, enabling utilities to manage contractor projects for better program performance and heightened efficiency. The new functionality greatly improves communications and coordination among utilities, consumers and contractors in a configurable workflow, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, reduced churn and a better overall experience for consumer engagement. This includes vendor sign-up, customer sign-up, project test-in/test-out, and a variety of milestone tracking and reporting capabilities ­ including certified energy scoring, payments and reporting.

The latest enhancements to the P-ECOSYS platform reduce the margin of error compared to traditional alternatives that require manual input, and improve program workflow and reporting by automating processes. These new features include:

• Expanded Administrator Portal: Monitors program performance and provides reporting, including the analysis of program demand reduction performance by an individual project or aggregated over time.
• Expanded Contractor Tools: A streamlined contractor program connects contractors to new programs, project leads, and reports project progress and status. This helps facilitate the start and completion of projects in a timely manner.
• Project and Workflow Management: Targeting ease of use with contractor reporting tools that allow contractors and administrators to better plan for new and existing projects with comprehensive updates, ensuring accuracy and accountability.
• Certifications: Support for the Department of Energy¹s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Home Energy Scoring (HES) tool, a powerful standard that is nationally recognized and utilized by over 5,000 homes to date.
• Green Button Connect: Support for the Green Button Connect initiative, which allows consumers and contractors to receive detailed information about their history of energy usage.

“We are continuing to extend our P-ECOSYS consumer engagement platform to ensure that everyone from utilities, to contractors, and consumers receive the most optimized processes in the charge for improved energy efficiency,” said Steve Malloy, co-founder and senior vice president of PlanetEcosystems. “These new features make the lifecycle of working between all energy parties easier and further enforce the full integration of demand reduction.”

About PlanetEcosystems
PlanetEcosystems is a consumer engagement and demand reduction service provider, helping utilities and local governments achieve substantial improvements in consumer engagement and boost satisfaction and loyalty. PlanetEcosystems understands what it takes to achieve consumer action, deploying proven and proprietary programs to activate the key motivators of consumer action, including unique, patent-pending web tools that optimize consumers¹ utility economics and integrated media and ground-game engagement campaigns.

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