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Energy management: Ecova, a total energy and sustainability management company, announced that in partnership with its utility clients, it has delivered 90 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy savings over the last ten years—equivalent to removing 54 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere or 30 medium-sized, coal-fired power plants for one year. In 2013, Ecova delivered 18 TWh of energy savings.

Since 2004, Ecova’s energy efficiency programs and research initiatives have achieved this milestone by:
• Delivering nearly 46 TWh of energy savings for utility customers; and
• Changing product specifications and standards that delivered 44 TWh of energy savings.

“Ecova’s Utility division continues to have a positive impact on the industry which results in significant energy, environmental, and cost savings,” said Jeff Heggedahl, CEO of Ecova. “Over the last 10 years, our programs have been instrumental in reducing energy consumption that saves utility customers billions of dollars on their energy bills—a true win, win situation. The 90 TWh of energy saved is a testament to our work to make a difference and we are proud to partner with our utility clients to drive real savings for their customers.”

Ecova delivers industry-leading, cost-effective energy efficiency programs that consistently meet the energy savings goals of its utility clients. Ecova’s programs use sophisticated data-driven marketing and analytics to help utilities enhance relationships with their residential and commercial and industrial customers while providing verifiable energy savings. From driving the adoption of LED lights to installing efficient equipment to creating personalized whole-home and business efficiency plans, Ecova provides a variety of services to utilities to help their customers see more and save more.

Ecova is also a recognized leader in the implementation of efficient product specifications and standards through its Research & Policy team. Ecova conducts innovative research on behalf of utility and other advocacy clients to identify new market and policy opportunities in energy efficiency across many product categories including lighting, appliances, power supplies, consumer electronics and battery chargers.

Ecova engaged Verdantix, an independent analyst firm focused on energy and sustainability, to assess and validate Ecova’s approach to measuring these energy savings. “We conducted independent research to verify the methodology used by Ecova to assess savings delivered by their utility division,” said David Metcalfe, CEO of Verdantix. “It is widely accepted that enforcing energy efficiency standards at the equipment level is one of the most reliable methods to cut energy use. Ecova’s work in this area is a great proof point.”

About Ecova
Ecova is the total energy and sustainability management company whose sole purpose is to see more, save more, and sustain more for its clients. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, hundreds of thousands of business sites and millions of households, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks, and enhance reputations. Ecova is the largest non-regulated subsidiary of Avista Corp

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