Microgrid Solar to build install solar power for Chicago

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Microgrid Solar of St. Louis was recently selected as the lead solar energy contractor for the city of Chicago’s solar program — called Solar Chicago — that enables homeowners in the Chicago area to purchase solar at a group-discounted rate. The Chicago program is half over, and is expected to double the original target of 750 registrants.

Microgrid Solar is headquartered in St. Louis and has completed hundreds of solar power projects, mostly focused in Midwestern states. The company recently kicked off a national expansion plan to open offices in five cities, including Chicago.

Solar Chicago is a group-purchase program that is being offered by the City of Chicago, in partnership with Vote Solar, a national solar advocacy group headquartered in San Francisco, and the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center. The program administration and marketing is being funded by a grant from the World Wildlife Fund.

Vote Solar invited solar contractors to bid and a committee selected the team headed up by Microgrid and Juhl Renewable Energy Systems as contractors for the upcoming solar installations. The contractors are offering financing to homeowners that allows the system to be purchased with no money down, and with immediate savings on electric bills.

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