Pennsylvania agency works on air permits for 1,300 MW power plant project

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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said in an Aug. 23 notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin that it has gotten an air permit application from Lackawanna Energy Center LLC to construct a natural gas-fired combined-cycle plant to produce a nominal 1,300 MW in Jessup Borough, Lackawanna County.

This application is subject to the Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality regulations, the Nonattainment New Source Review regulations and the Best Available Technology requirements, according to GenerationHub.

The project consists of three three identical 1 x 1 power blocks. Each combined-cycle process block includes one combustion gas turbine and one heat recovery steam generator with duct burners with all three blocks sharing one steam turbine.

Additionally, one 2,000 kW diesel-fired emergency generator, one 315 HP diesel-fired emergency fire water pump, one 22-cell wet mechanical draft cooling tower, one 155.7 MM BTU natural gas fired boiler, one 12 MMBTU natural gas fuel gas heater, three lube oil storage tanks, and two aqueous ammonia storage tanks are proposed to be constructed and operated.

The heat input rating of each combustion gas turbine is 2890 MMBtu/hr (HHV) or less, and the heat input rating of each supplemental duct burner is equal to 387 MMBtu/hr (HHV) or less, the DEP notice said.

A public hearing may be held, if the Department of Environmental Protection, in its discretion, decides that such a hearing is warranted based on the comments received.

PJM Interconnection on June 3 filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission an interconnection service agreement (ISA) among PJM, Lackawanna Energy Center LLC, which is an Invenergy LLC affiliate, and transmission owner PPL Electric Utilities for what it called a 1,000-MW project in Pennsylvania.

The Lackawanna Energy ISA facilitates the interconnection to the PJM transmission system of 1,000 MW (Maximum Facility Output) at the Lackawanna Thermal Generating Station in Jessup Borough of Lackawanna County. The project consists of three natural gas-fired combustion turbines and one heat recovery steam generator, said the PJM filing.

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