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New Strobe Guards for All Meteorlite 200 Series Strobe Lights Available

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Strobe guards for all Meteorlite 2200 Series Class 1 and 2 strobes are now available from Superior Signals, Inc. The strobe guards are available in two styles: part number SYBGL for low profile strobes and part number SYBGH for high profile strobes. The guards, constructed of durable polished steel, are easily attached to the base of the strobe light to provide optimum lens protection.
Superior Signals, Inc.

Garmin StreetPilot c530 & c550 GPS Receivers

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Ready to go right out of the box with pre-loaded maps and plenty of options! The streamlined design of these high-sensitivity GPS receivers feature a simple touch-screen, anti-glare display, configurable vehicle icons and Garmin Lock anti-theft protection. Both models are pre-loaded with City Navigator NT North America (full-coverage) with 2D or 3D map perspective.
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Re-Launch of Cell Tower Cables

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Mohawk announces the re-launch of their Cell Tower Category 5E+ cables. A compressed resilient design offers a flexible alternative to traditional armored cable customarily used for this application, and the foil/braid shield is an excellent choice where interference from external radio frequency (RFI) or electromagnetic (EMI) sources is a concern. An integral drain wire has been incorporated into the design for ease of termination. This product offers a reduced OD size compared to coax, and the fully water-blocked design prevents water migration through the cable into sensitive electronics enclosures. Mohawk’s Cellular Tower Cables are also offered in Category 5e and Category 6.

IntelliKnight 5700 Fire Control Communicator

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Silent Knight, a Honeywell company and provider of industry-wide compatible fire alarm solutions for small to mid-size institutions and commercial sites, offers its upgraded industry standard IntelliKnight 5700 Fire Control Communicator.

The IntelliKnight 5700 Fire Control Communicator now conforms to the testing requirements of UL 9th edition standards, and boasts battery charging circuit integrity testing. It provides digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines and supports up to 50 addressable devices that allow the user to pin-point precisely which device has been activated and/or needs attention. It also uses a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements.

The drift compensation feature of the 5700 helps reduce false alarms and pin-point maintenance problems. If a fault condition is detected at any of the 50 addressable points, the system will display the problem sensor and generate a trouble report that is sent to the central station. In addition, the system conducts an automatic test every 24 hours that is sent to the central station. The 5700 reports in both the SIA and Contact ID formats.
Silent Knight

Underhood Air Compressor

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VMAC has announced the release of the VR70 UNDERHOOD Air Compressor for the 2007 “All New” GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel 4500-5500 Series truck. The belt-driven, under-hood mounted air compressor system - designed to combine high performance with a compact installation - delivers up to 70 CFM or 175 PSI air output at a weight of less than 150 LBS (dry). By mounting the air compressor underneath the hood of the truck, contractors and fleet operators maximize the deck space and payload capacity available on the work truck, saving space for the tools and equipment needed onsite.

For equipment outfitters who fit fleet equipment for end-users in Western Canada, the new VMAC UNDERHOOD for the 2007 Duramax Medium-Duty also bares significant improvements in installation. By simplifying the bracket design, mounting the system driver-side, and keeping the air compressor accessible, the 2007 Duramax Medium-Duty VR70 Air Compressor reduces significant fitting and maintenance time, delivering considerable savings to end users.

Portable Data Recorder Line with Multi-Channel, High Speed Data Recording System

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The Astro-Med, Inc., Test & Measurement Product Group has introduced the Dash 32HF, a new multi-channel, high frequency data acquisition recorder.

Engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals, the unit supports recording up to 32 channels to an internal hard drive at sample rates of up to 500 kHz and a bandwidth of 100 KHz per channel.

The system contains 32 differential inputs that accept up to +/-50VDC. The versatile digital signal processing of the Dash 32HF provides a wide variety of filtering capabilities, including low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filtering. Frequency counter inputs are also included.

Equipped with a 15” diagonal monitor, the graphical user interface of the Dash 32HF is optimized for ease of use.

The Dash 32HF includes a dedicated, 250 GB internal hard drive for capturing data and a DVD burner for archiving data. Other features include 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet for data upload and USB 2.0 port for archiving data to external drives. Using the free Windows-based AstroVIEW X, a user can import data to popular spreadsheet and analysis programs including Excel, DADiSP and MathCAD with a simple conversion command.

Operating on either 120 or 240 VAC, the Dash 32HF includes a capacitive backup to ensure proper shutdown without data corruption if power is lost; provides the user with a real-time display and analysis of data; and is portable and rugged enough to handle any environment.
Astro-Med, Inc.

AutoCAD Map 3D 2008

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AutoCAD Map 3D 2008 software is an engineering GIS platform for creating and managing spatial data. AutoCAD Map 3D helps utilities bridge their CAD and GIS systems by providing direct access to data, regardless of how it is stored, and by enabling the use of AutoCAD software tools for maintaining a broad variety of geospatial information. Using open source FDO Data Access Technology (FDO), AutoCAD Map 3D automatically accesses spatial data stored in relational databases, files and Web-based services-providing easy management of large geospatial data sets, while streamlining entire workflows. With seamless integration of Autodesk MapGuide software, AutoCAD Map 3D is the quickest way to publish data to the Web or intranet.

AutoCAD Map 3D features powerful core functionality for creating and maintaining precise geospatial information which helps utilities work faster and more efficiently on everyday tasks. AutoCAD Map 3D allows utilities to automatically generate metadata about spatial information and publish it in standard government formats (e.g., FDGC), easily share data within an organization or publish externally for the world to consume. AutoCAD Map 3D also features enhanced interoperability capabilities, allowing users to easily move data to other data stores such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ESRI ArcSDE managed databases.
Autodesk, Inc.

Powerful Gen-Set Comes in Small Package

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When space is at a minimum, but demand for power at a maximum, there’s no need to skimp on an industrial gen-set. For back-up power during an outage, the Next Generation Ultra Compact industrial 5.5 kW gen-set weighs just 240 lbs. and measures only 23”L x 20”W x 21”H.

With mountable or remote radiator options, the 5.5 kW is powered by a heavy-duty, water-cooled, 2-cylinder Kubota engine. The efficient diesel gen-set runs at mid-speed for long life and quiet operation. Perfect for mobile and stationary applications, it can easily power emergency flood lights, pumps, drills, equipment and tools.

A three vortex combustion system improves the UCI2-5.5’s energy output. It offers cleaner burning exhaust and reduced fuel consumption. Normal operating speeds of 2,800 rpm are much lower than comparable models, minimizing noise, vibration and wear.

The Next Gen UCI2-5.5 is simple to maintain, with one-side service. Available with a wide variety of options and configurations, the unit can be custom tailored to particular applications.
Next Generation

UltraCore Wire = Performance and Dependability

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Lincoln’s UltraCore premium gas-shielded flux-cored wire offers great arc stability, easy feedability and precise chemical composition, reducing downtime and producing higher quality welds.

A true performer for fillet, lap or butt welds on single- and multiple-pass welding applications, UltraCore is available in a wide variety of diameters, for use with 100% CO2 and argon/CO2 mixtures. Along with arc stability, it delivers fast freezing slag for easy out-of-position welds and is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

UltraCore also comes packaged in Lincoln’s patented ProTech moisture-resistant, vacuum-sealed foil bag packaging system, ensuring reliable protection. The packaging system delivers potentially lower preheat temperatures and increased resistance to gas tracking and weld cracking.

UltraCore 71C and 71A85 are AWS “-D” certified to meet the demanding requirements of D1.8 Structural Steel Fabrication - Seismic Supplement. They also meet the stringent requirements of FEMA 353. All raw steel used in UltraCore electrodes is tested upon receipt, and Lincoln only uses the material that best matches each electrode requirement. Additionally, the diameter and chemistry of all wire is tested at up to19 different points in the production process.
Lincoln Electric Company

Analog Replacement? Metering Using the DCX

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Applied Mesh Technologies has developed the DCX (Direct Connect External) “box”, a low cost external interface that allows real-time communications with nearly any manufacturer’s meter. Energy and demand registers, power quality and interval data can easily be requested and retrieved using two-way digital cellular. Carriers supported include Nextel, Southern Linc, Sprint, Verizon, Cingular or T-Mobile or any other iDEN, CDMA or GPRS network provider. Each DCX unit can be connected to up to four meters via a hardwired connection or can use the Bluetooth LAN communications to read multiple meters wirelessly. This reduces the cost of hardware and monthly communication charges.

Any meter connected to a DCX can be directly interrogated using MV-90 or the meter manufacturer’s reading and programming software.

The DCX is also equipped with an onboard web server that allows for immediate testing of communications and meter reading after installation.

The DCX is compact in size and mounts nearly anywhere. The rugged weatherproof enclosure is UL approved and NEMA 3 rated. Other features include: terminal strip or RJ-11 connections; LED indicators for troubleshooting and a 85-305VAC input power supply.
Applied Mesh Technologies

Portability and Flexibility Meet MIL-STD 810F and IP54 Standards In a Lightweight, Fully Rugged Package

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GETAC Inc. has launched its versatile new V100 rugged convertible tablet PC, which features an LCD screen that instantly transforms from a notebook into a tablet PC.

The GETAC V100 is fully compliant with MIL-STD 810F and IP54 standards for ruggedness. The highly portable 4.9 lb. V100 features ultra-quiet fanless design and includes a wide range of standard features, including a 10.4” screen, power-saving 1.2 GHz Intel Core Duo Platform Technology, 512 MB expandable to 2 GB of DRAM, 120 GB shock-mounted removable hard drive, Integrated Bluetooth, reversible waterproof camera, and a full menu of wireless networking capabilities - all housed in a water-resistant, rugged, magnesium alloy case and ready for mounting in any vehicle. The package includes the Microsoft Windows XP Professional and XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system.

To satisfy customers’ unique applications, the V100 offers a variety of advanced options, including a 12” LCD featuring a daylight readable screen and choice of digitizer or touch screen interface, as well as optional Integrated GPS, 3G and 802.11a/b/g functionality that keeps users connected whether they are in the office, in a vehicle or outdoors.

Longer Life, Higher Capacity LiMnO2 Hybrid Cells for Meters, Security, RF Uses

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Fulfilling the quest for safer, higher capacity and longer lasting Lithium Manganese Dioxide cylindrical hybrid cells for automatic meter readers, security devices and RF applications, Maxell Corporation of America has introduced its next generation of advanced hybrid cells.

Models CR17450 and CR17335, designed to industry standard sizes, have an 8 to 9% higher capacity compared to similar cells currently available. These next generation cells are laser sealed with improved rate capability, wider temperature range and longer operational life expectancy ideal for today’s advanced automatic meter reader, security and RF applications.

The cells exhibit low self-discharge making them ideal for long-term extended life applications of 10+ years.

The wide operational temperature range of - 40 to +80°C, with an improved heatproof temperature of +90 to 100°C and internal minute short-circuit prevention, enabled by proprietary technology that prevents internal short circuits, making these next generation cells intrinsically safe.

The CR17450 has a typical capacity of 2600 mAh, while the CR17335 has a typical capacity of 1750 mAh. The new next-generation cells have a voltage of 3.0 volts and feature a stable sloping discharge curve at various depths of discharge, allowing for accurate prediction of end of life.
Maxell Corporation of America

Hi-Vis Hard Hats for Workers Who Must Be Seen to Be Safe

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Workers must be seen to be safe. The Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT High-Visibility E-1 and E-2 Series hats and caps by Fibre-Metal Products are available in unique, specially formulated fade-proof Strong Orange and Strong Yellow/Green models. The caps and hats will not fade throughout their long service life. All Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT hard hats provide a technically advanced eight point energy control system to better distribute impact forces. Provide your workers with the best hard hat that is enhanced by the added protection of super high visibility: reflective tape available on caps. Fibre-Metal ships their hard hats fully assembled.
North Safety Products

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