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Hot Line Tool Storage Trailer

A new addition to the Mohawk Ltd. line of custom trailer products is the Mohawk Ltd. Hot Line Tool Storage Trailer (MLTM820TA3). It is well-equipped with a heated interior for moisture control, on-board generator, interior and exterior lighting, and work areas for vise and tool storage especially designed for hot line tool cleaning and maintenance.

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Mohawk Ltd. offers a unique FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) unitized panel (composite) construction utilizing significantly stronger materials and better insulation. This FRP wall technology is superior because of its durability, lower maintenance and longer service life.


  • Available in FRP or Aluminum Skin;
  • Frames available in Aluminum or Steel;
  • Tandem 5,200 lb. Dexter torsion axles;
  • Double rear doors with cam locks;
  • On Wall rack storage for hot sticks with cushioned support brackets ;
  • On Board Industrial/Commercial generator;
  • Steel top work bench w/side leg and vise, double drawer tool box; and
  • Storage bins with many options available.

Mohawk Ltd.

Responder® HDTM! Series Heavy-Duty Super-LED® Mini Lightbar

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Versatile mini lightbar now features Super-LED technology for attention-getting flash impact with Super-LED low current draw and rugged, long-life reliability. Single or dual-level Super-LED modules provide maximum 360-degree warning coverage. Perfect for heavy-duty applications where a full-sized lightbar is not appropriate. Available with permanent, magnet or vacuum magnet mounting.


New 2.5-million 300 cp StarBeam”! Lighting System Provides Extra-Bright Field Illumination

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K&H Industries has introduced a 2.5-million candlepower model of the StarBeam vehicle-mounted, dual-lamphead lighting system that provides greater illumination over a longer distance. The remote-controlled 2.5-million StarBeam system is ideal for utility-service crews working on transmission towers or in other situations where powerful, dependable, precisely controlled lighting is required. Significantly improving the safety and productivity of single-person work crews, these extremely durable, field-proven lighting systems feature 330 degrees of motorized horizontal and vertical rotation, wireless or hard-wired remote controls, and extremely durable construction. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., StarBeam lights are standard issue in thousands of utility-service vehicles around the world.

K&H Industries

Onspot Automatic Tire Chains Releases Kit for Chalmers 800 Series Tandem Axle Suspension

Onspot Automatic Chains is pleased to announce the release of their automatic tire chain kit for tandem axle trucks equipped with Chalmers 800 series suspension. The kit requires no cutting or welding and has been APPROVED by Chalmers engineering.

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With just the flip of a switch, Onspot can provide the operator with increased traction in forward OR reverse.


Track-Mounted Boom Lifts

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Aichi track-mounted boom lifts are carried in a range from 40’ platform height to 70’ platform height. These units are self propelled on a heavy duty track/crawler frame. Powered by Isuzu liquid-cooled diesel engines, these units have over 50% gradeability and are available with rubber track pads, which allow for use in any type of surface.


Xantrex PRO Series Inverters

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Xantrex PRO Series Inverters are the ideal alternative to generators for virtually any type of service vehicle, to quietly and efficiently provide AC power when needed. The PRO Series design is both user-friendly and versatile, featuring a detachable, digital remote control to display precise inverter, AC source and battery status information from one convenient location. With built-in, removable GFCI outlets and hardwire AC output configurations, PRO Series Inverters provide maximum flexibility for installing GFCI protected outlets where you need them.

Both 1000 and 1800-watt models are designed for demanding utility vehicle conditions, including sub-zero temperatures, to power tools, lighting and other AC-powered devices. They meet FCC Class B regulations to eliminate interference potential with other electronics, while UL 458 certification meets strict vehicle safety standards.

Versatile enough to be mounted either horizontally or vertically, Xantrex PRO Series Inverters can be easily installed to fit into any compartment. Conformal coated boards also minimize problems associated with moist operating conditions.


New Ramsey Compact HY-800 Worm Gear Winch

Ramsey Winch Company introduces the new HY-800 Hydraulic worm gear winch which features a short coupling and low profile style shifter. This winch offers a more compact design to fit a variety of heavy duty industrial applications.

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The new HY-800 is shorter and narrower than its standard HY-800 counterpart. The overall height of the HY-800 has been reduced by 6.22” by using the new low profile shifter, and the overall width has been reduced by 4.69” with the addition of the short coupler.

Ramsey is certified to ISO 9000:2000.

Ramsay Winch Company

New Hybrid LED Lighting Line

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Preco Electronics would like to introduce their new Hybrid LED lighting line with world class performance. The 7600 Beacon and 7200 Mini-Bar are rotating safety beacons that utilize LED technology. These two Hybrid lights offer the exceptional warning ability of rotating safety beacons without the typical draw backs of rotators, i.e., motors and gears. This technology provides low current draw, extended life, and a super efficient, quiet and highly reliable magnetic drive system.

Preco Electronics

SweepEx Broom Attaches to Any Mid- to Full-Size Pickup

SweepEx, a division of TrynEx International, offers the TPB-900S 90” Pro-Broom Truck Mount. Attachable to most brand name snowplows, the TPB-900S makes any mid- to full-size pickup truck into a year-round maintenance vehicle.

The TPB-900S Pro-Broom Truck Mount is built with a 90” mainframe constructed of heavy-duty, 10-gauge hot-rolled pickled steel. The broom’s hitch replaces the moldboard of a standard snowplow and utilizes the existing quadrant, A-frame and hydraulics.

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The professional-duty broom has eight poly brush rows for effective sweeping of countless materials and surfaces. The integrated crown and bristle arrangement produce a strong, resilient brush able to tackle tough material buildups or push large, heavy objects.

SweepEx brooms are built with no moving parts. Brush replacement is quick and easy with the unique brush-section replacement system.

The TPB-900S Pro-Broom Truck Mount comes standard with edge markers and mounting hardware to adapt to most major snowplow setups. SweepEx also offers the TPB-720S Pro-Broom Truck Mount, which provides all the same features and additional hardware as the TPB-900S, but with a 72” mainframe size. Other SweepEx Pro Series models include the Pro 480 Pro 600) and Pro 720. These models come standard with a fork hitch and are available with three-point rigid and bucket-lip mounting kits.

TrynEx International

New WEATHER GUARD® Van Product Lines Enhance End-User Productivity

Knaack Manufacturing recently announced new bulkhead and shelving systems as a part of its WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions brand.

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The new WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions bulkheads universally fit Ford and Chevy vans. New features include strong 16 gauge steel construction and 3/16” steel top mounting angles. Also, a 9” x 12” Dog Hatch”! in the bottom of the bulkhead allows easier and safer transportation of long-length material by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkhead. For Sprinter vans, a 3” offset has been added to provide extended room for the driver.

Shelving for WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions also is new and improved to deliver increased floor space, added durability and enhanced safety. The 59-1/2” high end panels on the 14” wide jumbo knock down van shelving have been shortened to 57-1/2” to provide a better fit for Sprinter vans. On the 43-3/4” and 57-1/4” high shelving units, the end panels have been tapered, allowing closer installation to the sidewall and additional cargo space in the middle of both Sprinter and full-size vans.

With improved durability, the 14” wide fully welded van shelving now has enhanced steel construction and an improved taper end panel, allowing for closer installation to the sidewall and additional cargo space in the middle of full-size vans.

Knaack Manufacturing

The 2007 Centaur for Utilities and Natural Resource Exploration

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The innovative CENTAUR is designed to meet the demands of the commercial off-road vehicle market, transporting people and equipment through challenging terrain inaccessible to other traditional all-terrain vehicles. With a 31 hp 952 cc engine, the amphibious CENTAUR is able to handle a load capacity of 1500 lbs and a towing capacity of 2000 lbs. Across the world, the CENTAUR is involved in a wide number of commercial projects including resource exploration, pipeline maintenance, ecological surveying and management and even environmental revitalization. With a seating capacity for four people on land and two on water, the CENTAUR is the perfect choice to complete your utility fleet today.

Ontario Drive & Gear

5700 Series Added to Line of Meteorlite® Rotating Beacons

The new 5700 Series Meteorlite® Rotating Beacons were recently added to warning light systems available from Superior Signals, Inc. The 5700 Series rotating beacons, available with amber, blue, clear or red polycarbonate lens, are ideal for fleet, municipal and construction vehicles. The rotating beacons can be permanently installed or are available with a vacuum magnetic mount so that it can be quickly switched to another vehicle.

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The rotating beacons feature a 55-watt halogen rotator with a flash rate of 90FPM to provide the ultimate protection in workplace safety. The beacon measures 7.83” diameter by 5.4” high for maximum visibility and also have a polycarbonate base with foam mounting gasket.

The vacuum magnetic mounted units feature a lighted rocker switch that plugs into a vehicle’s power outlet. The 5700 Series has a 2-year warranty and conforms to SAE J845 Class 1 requirements.

Superior Signals, Inc.

New Outrigger Pads Offered By AlturnaMats

A complete line of 100% polyethylene outrigger pads is now available from AlturnaMats, manufacturer of ground protection mats known as AlturnaMats and VersaMats. The new pads are available 1” thick in six sizes ranging from 15” x 15” to 48” x 48” . Two-inch thick pads are available in four sizes ranging from 24” x 24” to 48” x 48” . Every outrigger pad is guaranteed by AlturnaMats for life. The pads are supplied with a rope handle fore easy handling. To clean the smooth polyethylene surface, simply hose down.

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According to AlturnaMats, the outrigger pads are an ideal complement to the company’s line of ground protection mats. These popular mats are available with a bold diamond plate tread for maximum traction and with a flat, slip resistant surface for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The mats easily handle 60-ton vehicles and are guaranteed for a full six years.


New Traffic-Manager Low Profile LED Warning/Arrow Light Bars Provide Optimum Visibility

Superior Signals, Inc. introduces SRWW and SRTA Series low profile light bars featuring three or four light heads with multiple flash patterns to provide the ultimate protection in workplace safety. The LED light bars are available with 26 flash patterns as warning sticks and 11 arrow/11 warning patterns as traffic arrows. The LED light bars have successfully performed in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications on heavy duty, highway, commercial, construction, utility and emergency vehicles.

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Both units are sealed to keep moisture out and have a simple 2-wire installation, reducing costs associated with conventional light systems. The units, available with amber, blue, clear or red LEDs, use either 12 or 24vdc. The complete Traffic-Manager product line offers a 5-year limited warranty and meets SAE J1318 specifications.

Superior Signals, Inc.

Hitachi Zaxis 225USLC-3 Debuts

Compact your operating costs and your workspace with the new Zaxis 225US LC-3.

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Easily positioned to work closer to buildings and obstructions, reduced-tail-swing excavators can handle the same jobs as their standard counterparts (since many of the specs are the same) but provide less risk of damage to the working environment as well as to the machine itself.

The new ZX225US LC-3 is a performance match to the new ZX200LC-3 and shares the same general improvements such as:

  • High-performance, fuel-efficient, four-cylinder Tier-3-certified Isuzu engine;
  • Three engine modes;
  • Greater horsepower, torque, and drawbar pull;
  • Increased swing torque, faster arm roll-in and boom lower/arm movement for faster cycle times;
  • Larger CRES II cab with more room and more glass;
  • Low-effort, short-throw levers;
  • Multilingual widescreen LCD color monitor for maintenance, attachment, and operational information; and Cab is prepped for auxiliary hydraulics.

The rear-end swing radius on the ZX225US LC-3 is shorter than the ZX200LC-3 by 3’ 6” . Its operating weight is heavier and it has a greater lift capacity. And thanks to its ultra-short structure, the ZX225US LC-3 is 6% more stable than its standard-sized counterpart.


The High Resolution PreView

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Preco Electronics has introduced the latest addition to the PreView product line. The High Resolution PreView utilizes a recent FCC UWB ruling to improve close in detection resolution to less than one meter. Like all the PreView products, the encapsulated sensor is designed to SAE J1455 and detects both stationary and moving objects. The High Resolution PreView is available in 10’, 15’, and 20’ models with other configurations available upon request.

Preco Electronics

New Easier Opening Door Handle and Latch System

Brand FX Body Company has developed, in collaboration with OEM Designs, a new easier opening door handle and latch system for use in its fuel-efficient, composite service bodies and line bodies.

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The new handle and latch system features an ergonomically designed black thermoplastic pull handle and external faceplate with ample and comfortable access for tough working hands. Even while wearing gloves, the new handle system is easy to grip, operate, and is tailored for the needs of commercial operators. The handle also lends added aesthetic appeal to the strong and durable line up of BrandFX truck bodies.

The new system also offers a time saving push button lock that provides convenient security, allowing the user to lock the doors without a key. The system is offered with a two bit key system, designed to work with special cylinders such as the strattec code-able lock technology lock.

BrandFX plans to introduce the new handle and latch system in their full offering of service bodies and line bodies as standard equipment in the fall 2007.


Introducing the AZ-500HD Magnum-Powered Reclamation Attachment

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Asphalt Zipper proudly introduces the AZ-500HD Magnum-Powered Reclamation Attachment. New and innovative features, combined with improved strength and durability, give you the most capable Asphalt Zipper to date. All you need is a pickup truck and a loader; the AZ-500HD transports on its own trailer behind most pickup trucks then quickly attaches to the bucket of your loader. You’re now capable of pulverizing up to 12” thick asphalt into 1” minus reusable material. With this kind of production you may never have to wait for asphalt removal again. All AZ-500HD machines come equipped with the New Z-MAG cutter head system, available in widths 24” to 48” wide, all capable of 12” depth in a single pass. The innovative design of the new Z-MAG cutter heads provides you with up to 20% greater production over standard cutting heads. New features include a beefier Magnum-Duty Brevini gear-box and Zip-Lok hydraulic bucket locks, for greater stability and smoother operation. Also new are Active Hydraulic depth controls for greater ease of operation. And, you asked for it . . . a wider guide foot for even greater control. The AZ-500HD, built tough from the ground up to take a beating and still deliver extraordinary performance.

Asphalt Zipper

New Ditch Witch 420sx Released

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The Charles Machine Works, Inc. announces the release of a new vibratory plow, the Ditch Witch 420sx. This new unit borrows from one of the company’s most popular compact vibratory plows, the walk-along 410sx, but adds riding capability, greater horsepower (40 hp), and other features, including a dual-speed attachment drive, an operator’s console that moves with the operator, and a fold-down ROPS (roll-over protective structure) that enables the unit to maneuver under tree limbs, eaves, and other low-hanging obstacles.

Ditch Witch

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