What Are We Building?

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By Matt Forck

It was a beautiful and warm spring day and a reporter was bored. His ear was pressed against the emergency police scanner...nothing. He checked the wire service for the latest scoop...nada. Not knowing what else to do, he told his editor that he was taking a walk...going to look for a story.

Leaving the office, he was greeted by the sounds of the street. The office was located in the heart of a major metropolitan area. Aimlessly, he began to walk, looking for any news.

After a few blocks he reached a construction site. There, a new building was being erected. It appeared to be a church. On the corner were three bricklayers, working together in silence. He stopped the first and asked him, “What are you doing?”

This bricklayer appeared to be hot, as sweat rolled from his brow. And, he appeared to be ticked off too. His response was short, “What do you think I’m doing...I’m sweating my tail off!”

“Okay, okay,” responded the reporter. Turning to the second bricklayer the reporter asked him, “What are you doing?” Without a thought the second bricklayer said, “I’m making twenty-five bucks an hour, that’s what I’m doing.”

Fair enough thought the reporter as he turned to the third bricklayer and asked him the same question. This bricklayer however responded differently. He sat down his bricks and walked over to the reporter. He motioned toward the building and said, “You see this...I’m building a Cathedral.”

And what are we building when it comes to safety? Are we simply earning a pay check? Are we just filling a seat? Are we going through the motions or stuck on auto pilot. “When it comes to getting things done,” Coleen Seed-Barrett once said, “We need fewer architects and more bricklayers.”

Lay the bricks for safe work today.

About the Author:
Matt Forck, JLW & CSP, delivers proven and engaging safety keynote messages throughout the United States. Join the growing list of clients calling on Matt to bring their organization to safety’s next level and check out Matt’s website to take advantage of many FREE safety tools; www.thesafetysoul.org

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