Everlast pole tags

Everlast pole tags for distribution poles have been used all over the world in this great earth's worst environment's proving it is the longest lasting product to use on pole's!

Everlast Substation signs

Everlast safety signs and Everlast Substation signs meet all ANSI and OSHA requirements and continue to be readable for the life of the substation. When most signs fail ours shine.

Swage Bus Accessories

Swage Bus Accessories use a compression technology process called "swaging" that enables installation of aluminum bus accessories without the need of a welder.

SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories

AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering.

Guy Screw Anchors

Guying screw anchors for distribution and transmission lines, from power installed anchors to rock anchors.

Power Installed Anchors

ECP Utility offers a complete line of power installed guy anchors for distribution guy applications.

Avian Control

One Monthly Maintenance Kit includes:
» One gallon Avian Control Fluid
» One replacement filter for (Q3 or Q2 or TD)
» One pair gloves
» One cleanup cloth

Super BirdBuffer® for Acres of Bird Control

When you need acres of bird control for an orchard or farm – then you need the Super BirdBuffer®!

BirdBuffer® Q3 - All New!

Made for easy upkeep and maintenance, this machine creates a pleasant atmosphere to keep birds away. Now installed worldwide, it stands guard when everyone else is taking care of business.

BirdBuffer® TD – Tweeter Defeater

Keeping birds under control requires persistence and perseverance. When Pesky birds are out of control, and you’ve tried everything else, it’s time for BirdBuffer® TD, Tweeter Defeater for smaller areas.