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Getac Inc

43 Tesla
CA 92618
United States

Phone: 949-681-2900
Year Founded: 1989
Number of Employees: 50

Key Personnel: Sls Mgr: Mike Simek

Manufactures rugged laptop and tablet computers.

Getac Inc Company NEWS & PRODUCTS

rugged notebook Absolute Software Getac

Rugged notebooks and tablets

Mobile computer: Absolute Software expands partnership with Getac. Persistence technology to be embedded in a broad range of Getac rugged notebooks and tablets.

vehicle docking station mobile computer truck accessory Havis

Vehicle docking station from Havis

Mobile computers: Havis offers docking station for Getac V110 Convertible Notebook.

docking station truck accessory Gamber-Johnson

Docking Station for Getac F110 Tablet Computer

Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting, announces a new TabCruzer vehicle docking station designed for the Getac F110 11.6-in. Windo...

mobile computer utility equipment utility supplies truck accessory Getac

B300 Ultra Rugged Notebook Offers Improved Graphics Speeds and More

Getac Inc. is introducing the fifth generation of its B300 ultra rugged notebook with fourth generation Intel core processors, next generation graphics, the latest Wi-Fi and multi-carrier 4G LTE.

Mobile computers vehicle docking station truck accessory Havis

Mobile computers: Rugged tablet docking station

Vehicle docking station: Havis Docking Station for the Getac F110 Rugged Tablet now available. Havis’new rugged docking station was designed specifically for the F110 fully rugged 11.6 in. Windows ...

Vehicle docking station utility supplies safety products Havis

Vehicle docking station for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

Utility supplies: Havis Docking Station for the Getac F110 Rugged Tablet is coming soon. As Getac introduces the new Windows 8-based F110, Havis announces it will be the exclusive docking station p...

Mobile computer handheld computer utility equipment Getac B300 notebook

Mobile computer: B300 ultra-rugged notebook

Handheld computer: Getac announces significant updates to B300 ultra-rugged notebook. Fifth generation B300 incorporates latest Intel core processor, improved graphics speeds, 802.11ac WiFi and off...

Mobile computers truck accessory truck accessories Havis Docking station convertible notebooks

Mobile computers: Docking station for convertible notebooks

Truck accessory: Pre-order new Havis Docking Station for the Getac V100 and V200 Convertible Notebooks. Available Fall 2013, Havis Introduced its first Getac-specific docking station for the compac...

gamber johnson Side Handle MAG Dock Getac B300 Computer

Side Handle MAG Dock for Getac B300 Computer

Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting, announces the newest version of its MAG docking station line for the Getac B300 computer.

Side Handle MAG Dock for Getac B300 Computer

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