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URL: www.hfgp.com
Phone: 269-945-9541
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Year Founded: 1959

Key Personnel: Nat'l Sls Mgr: Kirk Mulder

Offers tools and equipment for live line maintenance, including telescoping poles, shotgun sticks, blankets, bucket barricades, bolt cutters, cable cutters, line guards, tree trimmers, hoists, ladders, and more.

Tall man Company NEWS & PRODUCTS

Utility tools: ErgoBlade Lineman’s Skinning Knife


Utility supplies: Tallman Equipment’s new ErgoBlade Lineman’s Skinning Knife is now available with a Safety Green handle for higher visibility!

Transmission and distribution utility tools


Utility supplies: Tallman Equipment rents the tools most commonly used in the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution systems:


Renewable Energy World Asia

POWER-GEN Middle East

T: 888-299-8016 (U.S. Only) T: +1-918-831-9160 (International)
October 04, 2015

TransForum D.C.

888-299-8016 (U.S. Only) or +1-918-831-9160, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST
December 02, 2015

Coal-Gen 2015

December 08, 2015

Power-Gen International

December 08, 2015

Nuclear Power International

December 08, 2015

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo N.A.

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June 2015
Volume 19, Issue 6




Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers

AE Product’s Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers are a cost effective way to safely blank-off a Socket that is not in use. Available with or without blades. Color options and personalization available.

Meter Socket Gaskets

AEP’s Meter Socket Gaskets protects your Meters from moisture, insects, sand and other particles by providing a better seal between the meter and the meter socket cover.

Meter Socket Jumpers - Perfect for Submetering Applications

AEP’s Meter Socket Jumper offers a safe and easy means of bypassing a meter socket. The Socket Jumper can be used with either Ringless or Ring style Meters.

Meter Socket Converter

AE Product’s Meter Socket Converter (CNV) converts various Meter Forms to fit the desired application. 14S, 15S or 16S Socket to accept 2S Meter. Optional features available.

Service Disconnect Adapter with Electronic Meter Energizing

AEP’s Service Disconnect Adapter disconnects customer load but maintains power to the electronic meter. The meter maintains reading and communications links for AMR/AMI operations while only disabling the load side.