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Provides custom engineered equipment to meet every overhead and underground tension stringing requirement. Designs and manufactures a complete range of engineered pulling and tensioning equipment and accessories.

TSE International Company News & Products

Engineered Pulling AND Tensioning Equipment for Every Cable Size, Application, Environment

Having the correct tension stringing equipment for the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution lines helps ensure ...

Editor's Letter: There are Dangers at Every Jobsite, so Safety Isn’t Something You Save for Special Projects

Minimizing risks will help field workers stay safe on the job. Most of the dangers are always there, but it is up to the workers involved to practi...

Overhead & Underground

transmission and distribution TSE International

Transmission and distribution: Tension stringing equipment

Transmission line construction: TSE International designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of tension stringing equipment for the constru...

line construction TSE International

TSE International is Growing to Better Serve Our Customers

TSE is proud to announce that we are increasing our manufacturing space from 30,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet

Ameresco to service energy efficiency project with Oregon college

The $5.4 million ESPC is expected to help the college save in excess of $2.7 million over 10 years through campus-wide operational and energy effic...

OK Champion has been a long time designer and manufacturer of underground cable handling equipment for the telco and electric power markets

Timberland Equipment purchases assest of OK Champion

OK Champion has been a long time designer and manufacturer of underground cable handling equipment for the telco and electric power markets.

knee protection

Safety knee protection product line

True Source Enterprises launches new website for its line of safety knee protection.

Scott Powerline Showcasing Top of Line Equipment at ICUEE Show

Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment is bringing in the big guns to the ICUEE Show in Louisville with a host of top-of-the-line equipment from major...

This Month's Issue

October 2015
Volume 19, Issue 9




Everlast pole tags

Everlast pole tags for distribution poles have been used all over the world in this great earth's worst environment's proving it is the longest lasting product to use on pole's!

Everlast Substation signs

Everlast safety signs and Everlast Substation signs meet all ANSI and OSHA requirements and continue to be readable for the life of the substation. When most signs fail ours shine.

SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories

AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering.

Swage Bus Accessories

Swage Bus Accessories use a compression technology process called "swaging" that enables installation of aluminum bus accessories without the need of a welder.

Power Installed Anchors

ECP Utility offers a complete line of power installed guy anchors for distribution guy applications.