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HelioSage sells 40 MW solar power project to Duke Energy

HelioSage Energy has announced the sale of a 40 MW AC solar photovoltaic project to Duke Energy 

Senate resolution opposes Canadian nuclear waste plan

A federal panel in Canada is taking testimony on the plan to store low- and intermediate-level waste from nuclear power plants in rock chambers more than 2,000 feet below the surface 

JCP&L upgrades enhance reliability on circuits in New Jersey

The work is part of the company's effort to use advanced technology to help enhance service reliability to customers

Energy security is a challenge in Brazil for the next years

Discussions about Energy Security that might define the course of the electric power sector in the country will take place during the Power Brasil Events

Vietnam's EVN HCMC, Trilliant sign smart grid contract

Smart grid firm Trilliant signed a contract with EVN HCMC, a unit of EVN, the largest power company in Vietnam, for a smart grid project 

South Dakota solar energy project hits NIMBYism

Some neighbors say they will appeal the decision, and a renewable energy expert wonders why the project is even being proposed 

ERDF selects CG to supply Linky smart meters

Avantha Group company CG was selected by ERDF as one of the six suppliers to manufacture the first three million of its new generation Linky smart meters 

University develops water-based nuclear battery

The research, 'Plasmon-assisted radiolytic energy conversion in aqueous solutions,' was conducted by Kwon’s research group at MU 

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