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USDA invests $1.4 billion to improve rural electric infrastructure

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service on Oct. 16 awarded $1.4 billion in loan guarantees to 35 organizations to improve the delivery of electric power to rural communities in 2...

Lockheed Martin says compact fusion reactor ten years away

The Lockheed Martin Skunk Works team is working on a new compact fusion reactor that can be developed and deployed in as little as ten years 

S&C energy storage system to provide power grid support for PJM

The 150-kW energy storage system provides fast-response frequency regulation for the PJM market, which serves more than 61 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia.  

Colorado Springs eyes heavy 2015 spending on coal emissions controls

Colorado Springs Utilities has proposed a 2015 budget that includes heavy spending for new air emissions controls for its coal-fired Nixon and Drake power plants 

Michio Kaku to predict next 25 years at DistribuTECH's 25th anniversary keynote

As DistribuTECH attendees celebrate the past 25 years, Kaku will give a glimpse into what he expects of the next 25 years

Chile breaks ground on 141 MW solar power project

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet presided over the installation of the first solar panel at the 141 MW Luz del Norte photovoltaic solar power project

Itron expands Itron Riva with smart load control

The solution allows utilities to manage load with confidence and realize the benefits of smart demand response at scale

NRC accepts Yucca Mountain shutdown safety objectives

The multiple natural and man-made barriers would adequately protect public health and groundwater, and sufficiently guard against sabotage or human intrusion, the report concluded 

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