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Vietnam's EVN HCMC, Trilliant sign smart grid contract

Smart grid firm Trilliant signed a contract with EVN HCMC, a unit of EVN, the largest power company in Vietnam, for a smart grid project 

South Dakota solar energy project hits NIMBYism

Some neighbors say they will appeal the decision, and a renewable energy expert wonders why the project is even being proposed 

ERDF selects CG to supply Linky smart meters

Avantha Group company CG was selected by ERDF as one of the six suppliers to manufacture the first three million of its new generation Linky smart meters 

University develops water-based nuclear battery

The research, 'Plasmon-assisted radiolytic energy conversion in aqueous solutions,' was conducted by Kwon’s research group at MU 

U.S. bill seeks to extend tax credits for wind energy

Some 18 Congress members have introduced a bill to the U.S. House of Representatives that aims to extend the investment and production tax credits for wind energy through 2016 

Western power grid can handle 7 GW of coal power retirements

In June EPA published its rule proposal to have states draft implementation plans to cut CO2 emissions from the power sector 30 percent by 2030

Saft wins energy storage wins California contract

 The lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage systems will be used to mitigate power fluctuations inherent with solar-generated electricity.

Solar power trade group: Utilities lead way on community solar energy

Community solar power projects are popping up across the U.S., offering those without the perfect rooftop solar installation, even those with no roof at all, a chance to cut their electric bills wi...

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