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Texas regulators approve expansion of nuclear waste site

Regulators have approved allowing depleted uranium to be buried at a West Texas nuclear waste dump site 

Spending on smart grid to climb to $600 billion

Today, the market for smart grid technologies is evolving rapidly as the need for a more responsive, automated and efficient power grid rises worldwide

NRC probed by hackers three times in three years

Hackers targeted the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for cyberattacks at least three times in the past three years 

With new hydro project, Isagén is Columbia's 2nd-largest generator

Isagén currently ranks third by installed capacity, behind Emgesa and EPM. Sogamoso's completion would push it past Emgesa

Telecom in off-grid remote areas creates opportunities for hybrid power systems

Hybrid power system manufacturers across the globe can leverage this trend while also targeting potential growth segments such as resorts, remote tourist spots, and off-grid residential communities...

West Virginia regulators approve power plant agreement

The $615 million plant would be located in Moundsville 

Energy efficiency initiatives to transform the smart building market

Opportunities for manufacturers will be particularly promising in the stabilizing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Germany and the United States due to high infrastructure spending 

Tucson Electric Power wants rooftop solar panel program

A second major Arizona utility wants to launch a new program to provide customers with company-owned rooftop solar panels 

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