Utility Line Construction & Maintenance

Find new line construction products using boom lift, trencher and service cranes for overhead line and underground wire.


Line Construction Products

safety lighting Larson Electronics

Work lights: High performance LED drop light with pin and sleeve plug

Safety lighting: Larson Electronics has released a new explosion-proof LED drop light designed to provide cooler operation and higher performance than standard incandescent drop ...

line maintenance Premax

Utility poles: Smart Grid Tag marking system

Line maintenance: Premax’s Smart Grid Tags create the physical link between a utility’s computer database and its asset in the field. 

construction equipment Condux Tesmec

Construction equipment: Hydraulic puller-tensioner improves conductor stringing jobsite productivity

Line construction: Condux Tesmec’s AFB506 hydraulic puller-tensioner provides utilities and utility contractors the ability to improve productivity and efficiency, while limiting...

safety products Nightstick Bayco Products

Work light: LED headlamp clips direct to hard hats

Safety products: Nightstick’s intrinsically safe XPP-5454GC LED headlamp now clips direct to hard hats. Waterproof Class 1 Div. 1, the headlamp with stainless steel clip answers ...

safety products Larson Electronics

Safety equipment: Explosion proof tool tap reel with single receptacle

Safety products: Larson Electronics’ EPLRT-50-12.3-GCR explosion proof tool tap provides easy management of an included 50 ft. of SOOW cord that gives operators in hazardous loca...

utility equipment Retriever Communications

Utility tools: Mobile app for managing electronic forms for field workforce

Utility equipment: Retriever Communications, a provider of mobile workforce automation, has announced Paperbark, an easy-to-use mobile enterprise solution for creating and managi...

utility safety Crane Institute of America

Safety products: Crane and rigging training

Utility safety: Crane Institute Training Specialist Carl Whitaker recognized for excellence in crane and rigging training.

safety products Safety Today

Safety gloves provide ANSI cut level 4 protection

Safety products: Safety Today introduces a cross-functional protective glove with the highest wearability rating in its class -- the BKCR4499 with ANSI cut level 4 protection.

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Everlast Substation signs

Everlast safety signs and Everlast Substation signs meet all ANSI and OSHA requirements and continue to be readable for the life of the substation. When most signs fail ours shine.

Everlast pole tags

Everlast pole tags for distribution poles have been used all over the world in this great earth's worst environment's proving it is the longest lasting product to use on pole's!

Swage Bus Accessories

Swage Bus Accessories use a compression technology process called "swaging" that enables installation of aluminum bus accessories without the need of a welder.

SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories

AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering.