Utility Line Construction & Maintenance

Find new line construction products using boom lift, trencher and service cranes for overhead line and underground wire.

More Line Construction & Maintenance Products

utility poles wood utility pole LWS Laminated Wood Systems

Glu-lam Manufacturing Process Extends Laminated Wood Pole Life

Laminated Wood Systems Inc. (LWS) has developed a new, patent-pending, glu-lam manufacturing process called PentaTrate. The PentaTrate design featu...
safety products utility safety Cantega Technologies

Up to 20 Percent of Outages are Caused by Birds and Animals

Cantega Technologies specializes in using technology to design precise fit covers to prevent animal and bird outages. Greenjacket is Cantega’s prec...
boom equipment construction equipment utility line construction Scott Powerline

Construction equipment: Teleboom crawler crane added to fleet

Boom equipment: Scott Powerline will add the new Tadano Mantis GTC-1200 teleboom crawler crane to its rental fleet.

utility equipment utility tools utility supplies Greenlee

Utility equipment: In-line indent crimper from Greenlee

Utility tools: Greenlee introduces its EK6IDL six-ton dieless lightweight crimping tool, designed with a dual stage telescopic cylinder to identify...
safety eyewear protective eyewear safety products Honeywell

Safety eyewear: Sealed eyewear protects in high particulate environments

Protective eyewear: Honeywell introduces Uvex Tirade sealed eyewear for protection in high particulate environments.

Canada switches on 272 MW wind power project

The project generates enough electricity to power 50,000 Québec homes.

protective eyewear utility safety safety eyewear Honeywell

Protective eyewear: Sealed eyewear for protection in high particulate environments

Utility safety: Honeywell’s Uvex Tirade sealed eyewear provides protection in high particulate environments. The eyewear’s large unilens design off...
protective gloves utility safety safety gloves Galeton

Protective gloves: Cut resistant gloves from Galeton

Utility safety: Galeton introduces RESIST Cut Resistant Gloves with nitrile coated palms to give you ANSI cut resistance Level 3 protection.

test equipment utility testing test products Fluke

Test equipment: Earth Ground Testers from Fluke

Utility testing: Fluke 1623-2 and 1625-2 Earth Ground Testers have advanced features and accessories that speed verification of a reliable connecti...
spacer cable power distribution safety products Hendrix Wire and Cable

Spacer cable systems feature improved reliability and power quality

Power distribution: Hendrix Wire & Cable, a provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces the offeri...
Utility linemen KH Industries

Utility safety: Storm Training reality TV show

KH Industries sponsors “Woodwalkers, Storm Training” two-episode reality TV show on Nighttime Line Repair.

safety gloves work gloves utility safety Galeton

Safety gloves: Vented leather work gloves from Galeton

Work gloves: Galeton introduces Rough Rider mesh back driver gloves. Better ventilation helps you stay more comfortable during hot weather.

utility linemen WLANmall Cambium Networks Wireless ISP Association WISPA

Utility Linemen: Social Media Campaign 'Celebrates the Beast' in Wireless ISP Tower Technicians

WLANmall, Cambium Networks and Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) celebrate Wireless ISP Tower Technicians with Social Media and YouTube campaign.
utility tools took kit utility equipment Snap-on Industrial

Utility tools: Ni-Cad Master Cordless Took Kit

Tool kit: Snap-on Industrial’s 18 Volt Ni-Cad Master Cordless Took Kit (CK6850DIRGL) is the complete cordless system that drives, drills, cuts, gre...
video surveillance video monitoring monitoring system Industrial Video and Control IVC

Video surveillance: Crane monitoring system

Video monitoring: Industrial Video & Control expands crane camera product line. It’s designed to improve crane operators' operational awareness...



Meter Socket Jumpers - Perfect for Submetering Applications

AEP’s Meter Socket Jumper offers a safe and easy means of bypassing a meter socket. The Socket Jumper can be used with either Ringless or Ring style Meters.

Meter Socket Converter

AE Product’s Meter Socket Converter (CNV) converts various Meter Forms to fit the desired application. 14S, 15S or 16S Socket to accept 2S Meter. Optional features available.

Service Disconnect Adapter with Electronic Meter Energizing

AEP’s Service Disconnect Adapter disconnects customer load but maintains power to the electronic meter. The meter maintains reading and communications links for AMR/AMI operations while only disabling the load side.

Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers

AE Product’s Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers are a cost effective way to safely blank-off a Socket that is not in use. Available with or without blades. Color options and personalization available.