Utility Line Construction & Maintenance

Find new line construction products using boom lift, trencher and service cranes for overhead line and underground wire.

More Line Construction & Maintenance Products

Speeding Storm Recovery Efforts With Composite Mat Systems

The US is a hotbed for extreme weather activity, with the highest incidence of tornados of any region globally. In 2013, tornados caused an estimat...

New Products Showcase

work gloves Hi-Line

Safety products: Waterproof, Winter Plus Performance Work Gloves

Work gloves: As the weather gets colder, and icy conditions make outdoor work more difficult, Hi-Line provides a full line of high performance work...
utility safety Space-Time Insight

Utility safety: Repair outages caused by severe weather

Energy management: Space-Time Insight situational intelligence helps utilities rapidly repair outages caused by severe weather. 

safety eyewear Geteway Safety

Safety eyewear from Gateway Safety

Protective eyewear: Gateway Safety’s Cyclone safety goggles go from impact to splash protection in seconds.

utility vehicles Odyne

Utility vehicles: Hybrid system equipped truck

Work truck: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power checks off bucket list item: receives the first Odyne hybrid system equipped truck in Califor...
power transmission Kerite

Power transmission cables

Utility safety: Kerite, a manufacturer of high quality insulated utility and industrial power cable, has a track record of responding to emergency ...
overhead and underground Hendrix Wire and Cable

Overhead and underground power distribution products

Utility supplies: Hendrix Wire & Cable manufacturers high-quality overhead and underground power distribution products, and has long been a lea...
safety lighting Larson Electronics

Safety lighting: Light tower folds for easy transportation

Work lights: Larson Electronics releases 50-ft. pneumatic mast on 21-ft. trailer with sixteen 400-watt LED light head.

Utility safety AEM

Utility safety: Crane safety video and manual

Construction equipment: AEM releases new Crane Safety Video, updated Crane Safety Manual. Companion pieces outline current industry best practices,...
safety lighting Appleton

Safety lighting: LED lighting line from Appleton

Work lights: More than 50% smaller and 75% more energy-efficient, Appleton N2LED fixture is game changer for emergency egress lighting.

wire stripper IDEAL Electrical

Wire stripper for electricians working with Romex cable in tight spaces

Electrician tools: IDEAL Electrical, a provider of tools and supplies for electricians, now offers a wire stripper that makes stripping Romex® cabl...
utility equipment Greenlee Textron

Utility equipment: New 6-ton Pistol Grip crimping tool

Crimping tools: Greenlee / A Textron Company, continues to drive innovation by adding to its extensive line of crimping tools with the new 6-ton Pi...
utility tools HYTORC

Utility tools: Lithium series battery gun line introduced

Utility equipment: HYTORC debuts lithium series battery gun line at POWER-GEN International. New technology will bring mobility to industrial bolti...
electric distribution Kerite

Electric distribution: High-voltage cable and services showcased at POWER-GEN 2014

Power distribution: Kerite, a manufacturer of high-quality insulated utility and industrial power cable, is showcasing its High Voltage (HV) cable ...



Meter Socket Jumpers - Perfect for Submetering Applications

AEP’s Meter Socket Jumper offers a safe and easy means of bypassing a meter socket. The Socket Jumper can be used with either Ringless or Ring style Meters.

Meter Socket Converter

AE Product’s Meter Socket Converter (CNV) converts various Meter Forms to fit the desired application. 14S, 15S or 16S Socket to accept 2S Meter. Optional features available.

Service Disconnect Adapter with Electronic Meter Energizing

AEP’s Service Disconnect Adapter disconnects customer load but maintains power to the electronic meter. The meter maintains reading and communications links for AMR/AMI operations while only disabling the load side.

Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers

AE Product’s Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers are a cost effective way to safely blank-off a Socket that is not in use. Available with or without blades. Color options and personalization available.