Utility Line Construction & Maintenance

Find new line construction products using boom lift, trencher and service cranes for overhead line and underground wire.

More Line Construction & Maintenance Products

stored energy CandD Technologies

Stored energy: Pure-Lead Plus Battery Technology

Energy management: C&D Technologies, a provider of standby power batteries, continues to build on the market presence of its new Pure-Lead Plus...
utility supplies SolaHD Emerson

Utility supplies: Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Power management: SolaHD UPS delivers industrial-strength power protection in flexible, fully upgradeable system. Hot swappable modules upgrade UPS...
fall protection 3M

Fall protection: Full body harness from 3M

Utility safety: 3M introduces fall protection full body harness with Scotchgard Protector. Lightweight, easy-to-use full body harness features enha...
utility supplies Platinum Tools

Utility supplies: Crimp tool, cable jacket stripper and more

Utility tools: Platinum Tools features new EZ-RJPRO Termination Pod at 2015 ISC West. Complete field kit includes EZ-RJPRO HD crimp tool, Cat5e/6 c...
skid steer loader Terex

Skid steer loader line expanded

Utility vehicles: Terex updates its Generation 2 (GEN2) loader line with two new skid steer loader models — the R260S and the V350S.

utility safety Alpha Technologies

Utility safety: Cable/broadband training center

Transmission and distribution: Alpha Technologies opens cable/broadband training center in Georgia.

utility vehicles Talbert Manufacturing

Utility vehicles: Double Schnabel Trailers

Safety products: Talbert self-loading Double Schnabel Trailers deliver greater safety and stability in wind energy and heavy haul construction tran...
utility safety Dynamic Systems

Utility safety: Barcode tracking solutions

Safety products: Dynamic Systems’ SQL database for all Checkmate Solutions is for applications such as ID Badge Systems, Tool and Equipment Managem...

Fleet Innovations for the Utility Industry

To deliver solutions needed in the field, utility equipment manufacturers and suppliers over the years have focused on introducing and promoting pr...
electric distribution Roxtec

Electric distribution: Cable seals for underground power cables

Cable installation: Roxtec targets power and wind-farm sectors with new cable seal.

utility safety Space Time Insight

Utility safety: 3D data ­ Virtual reality for electrical utilities

Safety products: Space-Time Insight -- In the utility sector, virtual reality has the promise of helping workers resolve issues faster and more saf...
work light Evluma

Safety lighting: AreaMax LED Area Light

Work light: Evluma’s AreaMax is the utility standard for area and security lighting. At 94 lm/W for the entire system, the 40W AreaMax is a recomme...
fall protection Capital Safety

Fall protection: Nano-Lok Arc Flash SRL self-retracting lifeline

Fall arrest protection: Capital Safety’s Nano-Lok Arc Flash SRL self-retracting lifeline is designed specifically for utility applications to provi...
safety products Capital Safety

Safety products: Rope-Safe Rope Grab

Utility safety: Capital Safety’s Rope-Safe Rope Grab is certified to multiple world standards to provide advanced protection to workers at height.
utility lineman Capital Safety

Utility lineman belt offers durability and comfort

Safety products: Capital Safety’s SEAT-BELT 4D Lineman Belt is designed by linemen, for linemen and is made with 100% top grain leather



Everlast pole tags

Everlast pole tags for distribution poles have been used all over the world in this great earth's worst environment's proving it is the longest lasting product to use on pole's!

Everlast Substation signs

Everlast safety signs and Everlast Substation signs meet all ANSI and OSHA requirements and continue to be readable for the life of the substation. When most signs fail ours shine.

SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories

AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering.

Swage Bus Accessories

Swage Bus Accessories use a compression technology process called "swaging" that enables installation of aluminum bus accessories without the need of a welder.