Safety Equipment

Safety is every utility field tech's top priority. Find products that will help ensure your safety with eyewear, clothing, vests and gloves.


safety gloves utility safety safety products Ergodyne

Safety gloves: Fire and rescue glove with bloodborne pathogen protection

April 17, 2014 Utility safety: Ergodyne expands its ProFlex Glove Line to include the ProFlex 730OD Performance Fire & Rescue Gloves ...
energy management circuit breaker utility safety Schneider Electric

Energy management: Cost-effective modernization solution for existing DS-type circuit breakers

April 17, 2014 Circuit breaker: Designed to fit into existing switchgear, Schneider Electric’s Masterpact Circuit Breaker direct replacem...
safety products commercial vehicles utility safety ECCO Group

Safety products for vehicles

April 16, 2014

Commercial vehicles: ECCO Group announces acquisition of Public Safety Equipment Group (PSE).

safety lighting work light safety products Larson Electronics

Safety lighting: LED light with adjustable scaffold bracket mount

April 16, 2014 Work light: Larson Electronics releases a 70-watt explosion proof LED light with an adjustable scaffold bracket mount.



Make your workplace safer with tips and insights from industry experts Matt Forck, a Certified Safety Professional and Journey Line Worker, and Bill Dampf, a Certified Safety Professional.

The Safety Price Tag

04/15/2014 We place a price on nearly everything we do. It could be a monetary cost or an emotional one. Our personal safety is no di...

How Safety Leaders Win

04/07/2014 If you were asked to pick the best, most successful college coach, who would you suggest? UCLA’s legendary basketball coac...


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Mobile Technology Use In the Utility Industry

Mobile Technology Use In the Utility Industry: This white paper summarizes results of a recent be...
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Meter Socket Jumpers - Perfect for Submetering Applications

AEP’s Meter Socket Jumper offers a safe and easy means of bypassing a meter socket. The Socket Jumper can be used with either Ringless or Ring style Meters.

Meter Socket Converter

AE Product’s Meter Socket Converter (CNV) converts various Meter Forms to fit the desired application. 14S, 15S or 16S Socket to accept 2S Meter. Optional features available.

Service Disconnect Adapter with Electronic Meter Energizing

AEP’s Service Disconnect Adapter disconnects customer load but maintains power to the electronic meter. The meter maintains reading and communications links for AMR/AMI operations while only disabling the load side.

Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers

AE Product’s Meter Socket Blank-Off Covers are a cost effective way to safely blank-off a Socket that is not in use. Available with or without blades. Color options and personalization available.