Utility Test & Measurement

Testing and Measurement equipment is useful for maintenance and repair. Find products for electrical testing and power measurement.

Test & Measurement Products

energy management Gridco Systems

Energy management: Inline power regulator from Gridco Systems

November 21, 2014

Power management: Gridco Systems’ emPower solution combines modular power electronics, advanced control algorithms, distributed networking, and analytics.

electrical measurement Crestchic

Electrical measurement: Voltage testing from Crestchic

November 21, 2014

Utility testing: Crestchic reveals answer to medium voltage testing at POWER-GEN 2014.

utility testing T3 Innovation

Utility testing: Net Chaser Ethernet speed certifier

November 20, 2014 Test and measurement equipment: T3 Innovation’s Net Chaser offers a complete solution to test and speed certify the data-carrying capabilities of Ethernet network cables up to 1 ...
electrical measurement

Electrical measurement: Modular phasor measurement unit

November 20, 2014 Utility testing: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories offers a phasor measurement unit in the modular SEL-2240 Axion, making it easy to create a customized solution for a specific...
power measurement HD Electric HDE

Voltage measurement: Handheld Voltage Detectors from HD Electric

November 18, 2014 Utility testing: HD Electric’s (HDE's) Handheld Voltage Detectors consist of the LV-5 Stray Voltage Detector and the VP-1 Voltage Probe. These handheld voltage detectors are used...


Amplitude® Cotton/Nylon Protective Apparel Fabrics for NFPA 70E and NPA 2112 Compliance

An industry leader and innovator, Milliken has created this white paper to educate the reader reg...

Predicting Thermal Comfort of Garments by Measuring Fabric Properties

In selecting flame resistant garments for workers, thermal comfort has been receiving an increasi...


Redefining Utility Field Service Operations with Mobile Solutions

The webcast will be led by three of the leading manufacturers in the Utility Market in Mobile Tec...

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Meter Socket Jumpers - Perfect for Submetering Applications

AEP’s Meter Socket Jumper offers a safe and easy means of bypassing a meter socket. The Socket Ju...

Meter Socket Converter

AE Product’s Meter Socket Converter (CNV) converts various Meter Forms to fit the desired applica...

Service Disconnect Adapter with Electronic Meter Energizing

AEP’s Service Disconnect Adapter disconnects customer load but maintains power to the electronic ...