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Rogowski Coils and Modules for High Current Metering Applications
Standex Electronics manufactures Rogowski coils and modules in custom configurations to meet high current metering applications. They are for use within hybrid circuit breakers and other components used in smart metering. In addition to assisting with wire selection and number of turns to optimize application parameters, Standex engineers assist with integration of components, development of custom packaging and value added features.

Standex Electronics

Rogowski coils are wire wound air core toroids used to measure ac current. The measured ac current creates a magnetic field that induces a voltage in the Rogowski coil that is proportional to the change in current. They are especially useful for high current metering applications because of their high accuracy.

A conductor that carries the current to be measured passes through the center of the Rogoswki coil, which senses the change in current. An integrator transforms the signal to be measured while a filter eliminates any noise within the signal. Advances in digital integrated-circuit (IC) measurement technology have substantially increased integrator reliability, fueling their acceptance within applications such as smart metering.
Standex Electronics

New Tension Meters
Lincoln Hoist is pleased to introduce its new line of linemen tension meters. The analog mechanical design-no batteries or liquid crystal display (LCD)-improves performance in harsh conditions. LCDs often fail in cold climates, can be difficult to read in bright sunlight, and suffer from constantly changing readings. Lincoln meters solve those issues and are much smaller than competing mechanical designs. Standard units come with installed fittings ready to hook up to hoist and wire grip.

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Lincoln Hoist

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