Habits are Tough to Break- Learn Well

You can't hold a good man down, right? True, but what about a good elephant?

May 1st, 2012

By Matt Forck

You can't hold a good man down, right? True, but what about a good elephant? In India, elephants are still used as they were centuries ago, for labor and for their power. When they are small, about 200 pounds, they are secured with a strong rope or chain to a large tree or other non-moveable object. The small elephant tries to break free. The elephant will pull, tug and chew but, in the end, will give up. The spirit is broken.

From this experience, the elephant learns he cannot free himself-that he is trapped, powerless or limited by this force. It's a moment early in life that a choice is made and a belief planted. The belief leads to truth. The truth tells the elephant the rope or chain will always hold him down. Despite his best efforts, he can't break free. He believes this truth is the reality of his life.

Now that the elephant's thought has led to belief, then to truth, and has formed his reality, the owner can remove the heavy rope or chain and untie the animal. The owner replaces the large rope or chain with a small one. Then, he can tie the full-grown, four-ton elephant to a small fence or stake. The elephant won't break free-he can't. A belief is a belief, right or wrong.

So, back to the original question-can't hold a good man down, right? Well no, no one can hold a good man down. But, if he doesn't challenge his own beliefs, truths and realities, he will hold himself down-just like the four-ton beast being held securely to the garden stake.

Today in safety, question your beliefs and habits. Make sure they are serving your goal of working today, each task and each choice, safely.

About the Author: Matt Forck, CSP & JLW, is a leading voice in safety. Matt keynotes conferences and consults industry on safety's most urgent topics such as safety awareness, employee engagement and motivation, cultural alignment, accountability and leadership. To learn more about Matt, book a presentation or download FREE safety tools, go to www.thesafetysoul.org.

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