Manage Unlimited Number of Lockable Tool Storage Units Simultaneously

It's all about networking in tool control as well as in business.

Jun 1st, 2010
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It's all about networking—in tool control as well as in business. The new Level 5 Networkable Tool Control (NTC) system from Snap-on Industrial offers users the opportunity to manage a virtually unlimited number of lockable tool storage units simultaneously for complete system control. Critical tools and assets are tracked and the risk of potentially catastrophic foreign object damage (FOD) is dramatically reduced; protection against unknown matter and foreign material exclusion (FME) is improved.

The proprietary keyless entry allows employees access to the tools they need while the NTC system tracks access based on employee ID key cards. All tools in the system can be serialized and linked to a specific box with the bar-code mechanism used for check out and return. After an employee scans a tool a record is generated—so inventory is managed in real time.

"A networked solution is important to customers with far-flung operations or multiple tool distribution locations on an expansive single site," said Dale Alberts, director, business development at Snap-on Industrial. "Our Networkable Tool Control system allows the user to view tool distribution records in real time from a single location, which can be anywhere. It all adds up to maximum tool security and two important bi-products—FOD reduction and increased FME protection."

Snap-on Industrial's NTC system offers both wired and wireless connection for maximum flexibility. For portable use and as protection against a power outage, the back-up battery preserves data to ensure the integrity of the audit trail. System data can then be accessed at a single tool storage unit on the system or at a central location.

The NTC system interfaces with Snap-on asset management software to ensure complete security and coverage. The software package manages not only tool check in and check out, but also repair and calibration schedules.

Usage report generation is easy with NTC. Simply connect a printer to the central hub or to an offsite monitoring location; reports are readable at the station or from a central control point as well. Durable multi-function buttons combined with an unbreakable LED display ensure data is always available.

NTC provides customers with a solution that tracks a multitude of storage units simultaneously—meaning not only 24/7 security, but improved productivity at the jobsite.

About Snap-on Industrial:
Snap-on Industrial is a division of Snap-on Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics, equipment, software and service solutions for professional users. Products and services include hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostics software, information and management systems, shop equipment and other solutions.

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