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There's one thing your customers won't notice about TSE's new DP-40E drum puller–there is no engine noise!

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This New Drum Puller is Electric

There's one thing your customers won't notice about TSE's new DP-40E drum puller–there is no engine noise! This heavy-duty drum puller has been designed for line stringing and its reel drive incorporates an electrical drive that lets the operator vary the line speed and line pull indefinitely to give safe, powerful control during the pulling operation. TSE Intl. (one of The Timberland Group of companies along with Timberland Equip., Marcotte, Almon Johnson Ltd., and Hawboldt Ind.) has a comprehensive range of pullers and tensioners for every utility. The group says its strength is based on innovative products and creative engineering; the DP-40E certainly reinforces that.

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If residential and commercial customers notice the quiet operation of this drum puller, the operators will appreciate that they have no fuel emergencies when they are miles (or hours) away at a remote site. There'll be no more tales of the stringing going perfectly until the crew ran out of diesel fuel. The DP-40E can be hooked up to the line truck for its operation and it does not require its own diesel engine to keep going. You can set the maximum desired line pull so the reel drive will stall if a restriction to the line should occur. That capability can prevent damage to the conductor, the towers and hardware. The centrally located console gives the operator total control of the pulling operation, with excellent visibility of the pulling rope at all times. The operator's controls include holding brake, line pull, lines speed and level wind. The continuous line pull rating of the DP-40E is 4,000 lbs, with 6,000 feet of 5/8 inch rope on the drum. The continuous torque rating is 67,300 in-lbs. The linespeed varies from 0 to 2.5 mph in low and 0 to 4 mph in high, with infinite control within that range.

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Among the standard features are the electric pulling system, with a reel capacity up to 60 inches diameter, 54 inches wide and 6,000 lbs. The tandem axle offers leaf spring suspension. The linespeed and linepull control are infinitely variable, with a free wheeling disconnect for high speed rope pullout. For the operator's efficiency and comfortable operation, there is a central position for maximum safety and visibility, while the seat has vertical and horizontal adjustments. Among the optional equipment available for utilities are an electric overhead levelwind, mechanical drop-leg rear jacks, a bronze overspin payout brake (mechanical), a 4440 heavy-duty or 4852 heavy-duty pulling drum, an underground pulling drum and the reliable BR6030 breakaway reel.

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TSE has recently introduced the first electric drum puller for line stringing.

While the DP-40E is the first electric drum puller from TSE, the company offers a thoroughly reliable range of diesel-powered pullers. At the top end is the DP500 with a maximum continuous line pull of 30,000 lbs at 3.0 mph or 50,000 lbs at 2.1 mph. Its maximum intermittent line pull is a powerful 55,000 lbs. The line speed can vary from 0 to 3.5 mph, with a 430 hp diesel engine providing power for these numbers. The drum capacity depends, of course, on the size of the rope. It is 32,000 feet for 5/8 inch rope, 22,000 feet for 3/4 inch rope, and 16,000 feet for 7/8 inch rope. The frame is all steel welded construction, braced to ensure alignment of the drive components. At the other end of the TSE range of line pullers is the compact Poleboss, with its 1,000 lbs of line pull at 400 fpm, based on a hydraulic supply of 15 gpm at 200 psi. It has a precise metering spring to the neutral control valve and a line pull limiting tension control valve. The two binder straps (to the pole) are ratchet type. The Poleboss drive unit weighs 215 lbs, and it offers hydraulic quick disconnects and a manual rope level wind.

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The DP range of TSE pullers are drum pullers. The UP range (such as the UP-70 and UP-70B) are underground pullers. With these underground cable pullers you get infinite speed control, plus precise tension and distance monitoring. The secret of their success may come from the 8 inch bullwheels that get power from a hydrostatic drive with a variable displacement axial piston pump and a two-speed hydraulic motor. The cable payout is on demand, with a bullwheel drive system feeding the pulling rope when a load in excess of one pound is placed on the cable.

Do you require high line pull, or high speed? In the low range, the UP-70 offers a continuous line pull of 7,000 lbs and a maximum speed of 100 fpm. In the high range, it has a maximum, continuous line pull of 3,500 lbs and maximum speed of 200 fpm. In either type of operation the line speed is infinitely variable (from 0 to its relevant maximum), while the speed control gives good inching capability through all the line pull settings. The storage reel can hold 2,700 feet of 3/8 inch diameter steel pulling rope. Even winding of the rope onto the storage reel is achieved via a diamond lead screw automatic levelwind; it is driven from the storage reel and traverses automatically as the reel turns. A dynamometer gauge is included, calibrated in pounds of line pull with an adjustable overload cut-off that will stop the pull automatically if the preset maximum line pull is reached. The UP-70 has an emergency stop button and a 20-foot pendant cord. If the button is depressed, the pulling will stop. The UP-70 has a 27-hp water-cooled diesel engine. On the UP-70B you have an 80-hp diesel engine and 185-cfm air compressor.

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