Face Your Bets

Recently, the lottery winner in a foreign lottery shared his secret for success.

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By Matt Forck, CSP & JLW

Recently, the lottery winner in a foreign lottery shared his secret for success. He said plainly, "My success is based on the ability to pick the right number, and the vision for the right number came in a dream." He went on to explain that he had the exact same dream for seven straight nights. Each morning after the dream, he awoke with the number seven on his mind. He finally realized that his 'vision' of the number seven had to be the winning lottery number he had been praying for. He went out to purchase a ticket, deducting that seven days of waking to the number seven, 7 x 7 is 48. He won the lottery. He was half right, as 48 was the winning number. It must be a good thing he flunked math...because 7 x 7 is not 48!

Pennwell web 300 363

Speaking of the lottery, a recent survey noted that 25 percent of Americans thought buying lotto tickets was a better retirement plan than saving money.

I guess if you are going to gamble, gamble big–right? Well, that's what Ashley Reveil thought. This British man sold all of his possession, including his clothes and flew to Las Vegas. In a rented tuxedo he placed everything, $135,000, on one spin of the roulette wheel. He bet it all on red 7. He won, tipped the croupier $600.00, and said he planned to party and buy new clothes. His dad commented later, "I'm still against it, he shouldn't have done it. He's been a naughty boy."

When it comes to gambling, some say, "It ain't a sin as long as you win" but really, how many win? Of the 25 percent of American's using the lottery as retirement planning, how many will live comfortably in the golden years? With few exceptions, there is no such thing as 'get rich quick' or 'overnight success.' Life doesn't hinge on a spin of the wheel or a dream to add sevens. It's about planning, saving and hard work. And, if that is done over a long period of time, even larger success can be found.

By contrast though, there is no such thing as an 'overnight failure' either. Companies go broke or people fail due to poor choices and habits over time–that's the formula for failure. In safety, few if any incidents occur because of a single act or one 'spin of the wheel.' Instead, poor choices over time form habits. Co-workers have blessed these at-risk actions expressly or implicitly until finally, one day, they lead to failure, injury or worse.

While seven times seven equaling 48 does not add up, life does, if we are honest enough to face it. Today, face the habits and practices that can get you hurt or killed...if it's about a roll of the dice your number can come up today. If it's about safe work...that is your choice.

Matt Forck, CSP & JLW, is a leading voice in safety. Matt keynotes conferences and consults industry on safety's most urgent topics such as: safety awareness, employee engagement and motivation, cultural alignment, accountability and leadership. To learn more about Matt, book a presentation or download FREE safety tools, go to www.thesafetysoul.org.

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