Clear Direction on Today’s Job

In sporting events and competitions we play to win. And, the only thing better than a single win is a winning streak.

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By Matt Forck

In sporting events and competitions we play to win. And, the only thing better than a single win is a winning streak. We all have our favorite winning streaks: the Miami Dolphins in the 1970s, the Chicago Bears of the 1930s, Michael Jordon and his six championship rings or Tiger Woods’ incredible work on the golf course. Don’t, however, forget that most dominate sports figure ever—Howard Hill.

Howard who? Yes, you know…Howard Hill. He won 281 consecutive archery competitions spanning decades from the 1920s to the 1950s. Actually, no single person ever dominated a sport as completely as Howard did the sport of archery. He was never beaten in competition. I repeat, never beaten in competition!

56 Safe

Born November 13, 1899, in Wilsonville, Ala., Howard loved to hunt and spend time in the woods. And, each time he went out as a kid, his long bow was in hand. By the time he was 10 years old he was spending many hours practicing archery. Over the years Howard not only dominated the sport of archery, he became a master and world-renowned hunter killing elephants, lions and leopards—all with a long bow. Howard still holds records for the four largest lynx, moose, mountain sheep, mountain goat and alligator ever taken with a bow and arrow. He could literally hit the target with an arrow and then split that arrow with a second.

Visualize how well Howard could shoot the bow and arrow. And, imagine how successful he would be if he tried to hit his target blindfolded. He would obviously still have the same talent. He would be holding the same tools—bow and arrow—and he would be the same guy who invested hours in practice and hard work. Yet blindfolded, he would have no idea where the target was or what it looked like. Blindfolded, he would literally be shooting aimlessly trying to hit something, anything.

“People today complain about lack of time, but, it’s not lack of time that is a problem, it is lack of direction,” Zig Ziglar said. None of us can hit a target that we can’t see. Working without a target or clear direction makes one very ineffective. Today, take the blindfold off and be very clear about the direction of safety on your job. In doing so, you will hit the target every time.

About the author: Matt Forck, CSP & JLW, is a leading voice in safety. Matt keynotes conferences and consults industry on safety’s most urgent topics such as safety awareness, employee engagement and motivation, cultural alignment, accountability and leadership. To learn more about Matt, book a presentation or download FREE safety tools, go to

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