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SATEC Turned on "eXpertPower Green" in Time for the Holidays


SATEC Turned on "eXpertPower Green" in Time for the Holidays

On December 12th, SATEC's first "eXpertPower Green" solar power monitoring site was officially turned on at the Fond du Lac cold storage site in Edison, N. J. This 1 MW, multi-building site is the first of several solar sites in the New Jersey metro area that are in the process of installing SATEC's new offering for the solar renewable energy market.

SATEC's dual-meter cabinets, of PM174 Power Quality Energy meters, monitor the total energy consumption and production at each of the three building sites. The utility or grid connection PM174 has a standard red LED display, while the solar panel connection has a green LED display. The UL approved "solar package" cabinet supports either the standard 5 amp input or the new "clip-on" CT input models of the PM174. Analog input channels of the PM174 can accommodate standard 4-20 mA weather related sensors (irradiance, temperature, wind speed, etc.).

"eXpertPower Green," SATEC's Web-based service, easily provides both real time and historical information on the total energy usage of the facility. This includes energy generated by solar and the energy imported, as well as exported back to the grid. In addition, full carbon footprint information is provided along with the projected monetary savings and Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) income in dollars and cents. The additional analytical information it provides positions this solution far above any other on the market today, allowing a direct correlation of the solar cell performance with irradiance, temperature, wind speed, etc. One can easily compare the amount of energy being produced at any time with historical data and weather related conditions. Any problematic conditions such as cell blockage from dirt, bird droppings or damage can easily be detected to maintain full output. eXpertPower also allows access to the site from any location, at any time, via a Web browser and appropriate password-with no need for cumbersome software and dedicated computers.


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