The new 38kV 25kA Current-Limiting Molded Vacuum Interrupter (MCLVI) was designed for use in wind farm towers as large as 3MVA.

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Elastimold 38kV 25kA Current-Limiting Molded Vacuum Interrupter (MCLVI)

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The new 38kV 25kA Current-Limiting Molded Vacuum Interrupter (MCLVI) was designed for use in wind farm towers as large as 3MVA. The unit incorporates Elastimold’s proven combination of EPDM molded insulation with a current-limiting fuse and vacuum interrupter. This addition to the solid-dielectric family of switchgear utilizes a vacuum interrupter to clear low-magnitude faults in series with a Hi-Tech current-limiting fuse to clear higher-magnitude faults, substantially reducing energy let-through. The unit includes a current sensor and internal controls. If a single current-limiting fuse clears a fault, the MVI will sense an imbalance and trip to prevent single phasing.

The small, lightweight unit is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly, containing no gas or oil, and is also available for subsurface, vault, padmount or riser-pole applications. Choose a stacked (as shown), linear or back-to-back arrangement.
Thomas & Betts Corporation

“Grip-Stik” Tap Twister

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Easy to secure on your Hot Stick or Switch Stick, the “Grip-Stik Tap Twister” will save you time, money and help avoid short and long-term injuries. One man - One Tool. Robotool Lifetime Warranty! 100% Made in the USA and supporting American Families.

  • Designed to be used for switching taps on a 34.5 KV Pad Mount Transformer
  • Grip-Stik handles fold for easy storage on sticks
  • For use with Hot Stick or Switch Stick with 1-1/4” diameter body
  • Robotool Lifetime Warranty
  • Length with handles extended: 21”
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Utility Division-Aircraft Dynamics Corporation

New Line of Primary Sectionalizing Cabinets

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Highline Products is please to introduce its new line of Primary Sectionalizing cabinets. These units were designed with the input of line personnel with the idea to make their job easier. Some of the features include:

  • Individual junction mounting plates that are easily removable;
  • Smooth aesthetically appealing finish with an added protective exterior coating;
  • Easy roll back cover that allows greater accessibility;
  • Durable heavy-duty fiberglass construction;
  • External ribs for superior sidewall strength;
  • Lifting points that are at working level; and
  • Some units are available with a removable front-panel that provides the greatest working clearance of any manufacturer.

Many models to choose from: 1-Phase, 2-Phase, 3-Phase and Deferral Cabinet.

Wind Power Junction Boxes Feature Roll Back Lid for Easy Access

A new line of primary sectionalizing cabinets for wind farms that features rugged one-piece fiberglass construction with rolled back lids for easy access is being introduced by Highline Products of Lexington, MA.

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Highline Wind Power Junction Boxes are collection system cabinets for wind farms that each feature one-piece fiberglass construction and a lid which opens over 90° for easy access and includes two wind lock hinges. Providing a deep working area and a removable front panel option for easy serviceability and cable terminations, these boxes are rated for 35 kV.

Suitable for direct burial or pad mounting, Highline Wind Power Junction Boxes meet ANSI security requirements and incorporate a munsell green two-coat finish with UV inhibitors. Lightweight and easy to install, they are offered in sizes from 55” W x 53” H up to 85” W x 63” H. Options include extensions for deeper burial, load-break junctions, and grounding bars.
Highline Products

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