Tantalus to deliver smart grid solution to Marietta Water and Power

The utility also plans to leverage a number of advanced data-driven features delivered through TUNet

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Tantalus, provider of the TUNet smart grid enterprise communications and applications platform, is partnering with Marietta Power and Water, Georgia’s largest municipal utility serving more than 45,000 electric and 17,000 water and wastewater customers, for the implementation of a fully-automated, two-way smart grid solution.

TUNet is increasing the return on investment of Marietta Power’s existing Itron ERT (encoder receiver transmitter) AMR technology by remotely collecting and processing electric, water and gas readings in near-real time with a hybrid IP and wireless-based AMI network.

Within months since deployment began, Marietta Power is now remotely collecting meter readings from more than 36,000 electric and water ERT devices through TUNet, translating into economic benefit from streaming consumption data across the organization, reducing field visits and reducing operational costs associated with manual metering.

Marietta Power will be able to fully automate the remote collection of daily and interval electric and water meter readings by overlaying its service territory with a low-maintenance and cost-effective TUNet system while upgrading less than ten percent of its installed meters.

The utility also plans to leverage a number of advanced data-driven features delivered through TUNet, such as improved water leak detection. Additionally, TUNet is integrated with existing billing interfaces, allowing the utility to leave current billing processes and meter reading routes unchanged.

Marietta joins more than 20 municipal and cooperative utilities, including Garland Power & Light, Coldwater Board of Public Utilities and Piedmont Municipal Power Agency, who are now implementing this unique, low capital cost ERT-reading technology which enables a migration from existing AMR to AMI and advanced applications. These utilities represent just a fraction of the significant installed base of ERT technology deployed throughout the United States.

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