Coffeyville Municipal Light & Power to add generating capacity

The contract with the GRDA will be in effect through 2042, and Coffeyville will continue to purchase all power necessary from GRDA

Coffeyville Municipal Light and Power (CMLP) signed a new power purchase and sale agreement with the Grand River Dam Authority. As a result of the new contract, an agreement was approved with Wärtsilä North America to purchase and install an additional 56 MW of generating capacity.

Gene Ratzlaff, Electric Utility Director, announced plans to install 3 – 18.7 MW Wärtsilä l8V50SG generating units at a site located in the Coffeyville Industrial Park.

“The generators are currently being built in Italy and are expected to be in commercial operation by January, 2017,” said Ratzlaff. “We began planning this New Generation Project in May, 2012. We are pleased to partner with GRDA on this project which will allow us to install additional capacity, replace our aging generating assets and provide efficient and fast starting peaking generation for our customers,” he stated.

The contract with the GRDA, headquartered in Vinita, Oklahoma, will be in effect through 2042, and Coffeyville will continue to purchase all power necessary from GRDA. An amended capacity purchase agreement is included in the contract. This agreement allows for GRDA to call on CMLP to generate electricity.

Currently Coffeyville provides GRDA with a total of 56.2 MW of generating capacity. Once the New Generation project is completed, Coffeyville will supply GRDA a total of 86 MW of generating capacity. An added benefit to this project is the ability to quick start the new generators.

In the event Coffeyville lost power from GRDA, the new units would be able to be up and running and providing power to our residents and businesses in eight minutes. The existing generators require six to eight hours to start up.

According to Ratzlaff, Burns & McDonnell from Kansas City, Missouri, has been selected as the owner’s engineer for this project. The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) will dispatch these units into the SPP integrated market, which will provide an economic, flexible generation resource for all customers within the SPP region.

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