SEPA applauds Georgia Power solar initiative

Georgia Power plans to increase its solar capacity from 4 MW to 55 MW by 2015

Washington, D.C., July 13, 2011 — Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) President and CEO Julia Hamm released the following statement in support of Georgia Power's plans to increase its solar capacity from 4 MW to 55 MW by 2015.

"SEPA would like to congratulate Georgia Power, one of our members, on its leadership in announcing plans to increase solar capacity by 50 MW by 2015. Our recently released Top 10 Utility Integration Rankings report found that utilities across the nation are speeding up their use of solar power, and this announcement clearly demonstrates that the trend is continuing.

"Solar power used to be heavily concentrated in California and the Southwest. Now, it's rapidly spreading into regions throughout the country. In 2009, 75 percent of new solar capacity was within California while in 2010, 63 percent occurred outside the state. In the southeast, where conventional wisdom suggested that biomass was the only viable renewable power choice, Georgia Power's initiative shows that solar is gaining credibility."

"With each day, solar power is becoming more affordable and more competitive with traditional energy sources. In fact, in places like Hawaii and other select locations in the U.S. where electricity prices are high, solar electricity has already reached price parity with retail grid power."

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