Coulomb Technologies expands ChargePoint Network into Massachusetts

Coulomb is partnering with BMW for the Boston release of their new ActiveE all-electric vehicle

Boston, July 22, 2011 — Coulomb Technologies, Inc today announced the expansion of the ChargePoint Network into the Boston Metro area with more than 150 stations for electric vehicles. The stations are made available to the State through Coulomb's $37 million ChargePoint America Department of Energy program. The stations will be located in the Boston metropolitan area, primarily within the Route 495 Beltway.

Additionally, Coulomb is partnering with BMW for the Boston release of their new ActiveE all-electric vehicle. Drivers of the BMW ActiveE can easily and conveniently fuel their electric vehicle at any ChargePoint-enabled electric vehicle charging station in the U.S. as well as access ChargePoint Network's 24/7 driver support and mobile phone applications, which include station location and real-time availability, turn-by-turn navigation, and charging status.

Based upon the popular BMW 1 Series Coupe, the new ActiveE complies with the SAE J1772 connector standard, which is compatible with all North American charging stations on the ChargePoint Network. Utilities, service providers, corporations, fleets and other station owners use the ChargePoint Network cloud-based service plans for mission critical EV charging requirements such as access control, user authentication, billing, reporting, network management and grid-load management.

Coulomb's ChargePoint America program will provide nearly 5,000 charging stations to program participants in ten regions in the United States: Austin, Texas, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando/Tampa, Sacramento, Calif., San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Redmond/Bellevue, Wash., Washington DC/Baltimore, Southern Michigan (including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit).

The program is a strategic partnership between Coulomb and four leading automobile brands: Ford, Chevrolet, smart USA and BMW. Installation of the ChargePoint charging stations is currently underway in all regions.

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