Greenleaf Power finishes purchase of California biomass power plant

Colmac is the third biomass acquisition by Greenleaf Power

Sacramento, Calif., February 22, 2011 — Greenleaf Power, an owner and operator of green energy plants, has finalized the purchase of Colmac Energy, Inc.

Colmac is the third biomass acquisition by Greenleaf Power. Last year, Greenleaf Power purchased the 30-MW Honey Lake biomass plant in Wendel, Calif. as well as a 28-MW biomass plant in Scotia, Calif.

With the addition of the Colmac facility, Greenleaf Power has more than 100 MW of capacity, and is using its multiple facilities to maximize efficiencies, company officials said.

Greenleaf Power is focused on investing and developing green energy, especially biomass. Greenleaf Power’s experienced team of clean energy professionals optimizes the profitability, efficiency and output of its plants by undertaking operational and capacity improvements, fuel procurement initiatives and revenue enhancements.

The use of beneficial biomass resources such as agricultural waste and urban wood waste diversion can reduce overall carbon emissions by displacing those from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil or natural gas. Biomass power plants use this material for fuel, burning it under controlled, low-emission conditions to generate electricity.

American Consumer Industries sold its majority shareholding in Colmac. American Consumer Industries operated the Southern California plant since its construction and initial start-up in 1992.

The 47-MW facility is one of the largest biomass facilities in California and sells its electrical output to Southern California Edison under a long-term agreement. The plant is fueled primarily using clean diverted wood waste, green waste and agricultural residues. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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