National Grid installs charging stations in Massachusetts

National Grid expects to complete installation of the remaining stations by the end of this month

February 13, 2012 — National Grid is installing more than 30 new electric vehicle charging stations throughout Massachusetts under Coulomb Technologies' Charge America program.

The announcement was made during a community event held at the Hanover Mall, where two of the new EV charging stations were officially opened. National Grid expects to complete installation of the remaining stations by the end of this month.

Through the Charge America program, Coulomb Technologies, Inc. is providing the charging stations at no cost to participating cities. National Grid is funding the station installations and the hosting location partners (for example, the Hanover Mall) will fund the cost of power to charge the vehicles.

National Grid will complete installations of the new charging stations at several host locations, including the Hanover Mall, the city of Worcester, the town of Rockland, Quinsigamond Community College of Worcester, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and select 99 Restaurants and Chili's restaurants.

Charge America is a program sponsored by Coulomb Technologies to provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure to 10 selected regions in the U.S., including Massachusetts.

The program is intended to foster the adoption and readiness of EVs throughout the U.S. and will include a thorough study of driving patterns, community impact and impact on regional power grids. Its ultimate objective is to accelerate the development and production of electric vehicles to substantially reduce petroleum consumption, reduce greenhouse gas production and create jobs.

This latest effort in Massachusetts is in addition to the Department of Energy Resources' current plans to install EV charging stations across the state. Massachusetts currently has about 50 EV stations. The addition of these 30 new stations nearly doubles the charging locations currently available to Massachusetts EV drivers.

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