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Energy management: Yukon visual transmission and distribution software helps utilities enhance monitoring and automation performance.

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Waukesha, WI -- Transmission and distribution: Power management company Eaton announced its Cooper Power Systems division has launched Version 4.0 of its Yukon Visual Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Human Machine Interface/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (HMI/SCADA) Software. The software enables a large variety of data sources to better integrate into corporate information technology (IT) infrastructure for enhanced automation and monitoring performance for utilities, commercial and industrial users.

“There is an ever-increasing demand for improved automation and monitoring solutions in the electrical utility industry,” said Benoit Masson, senior global product manager, Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems division. “This software helps address that demand by integrating into substation environments using existing databases.”

Providing increased capacity and reliability, Version 4.0 now includes a new historian feature, offering a reliable back-up process, as well as expansive reporting and data mining capabilities. Visual T&D software can be implemented independently or in conjunction with the Eaton¹s Cooper Power Systems SMP Gateway, increasing overall system efficiencies and capabilities.

Designed to reduce engineering, maintenance and commissioning efforts in environments like T&D and renewable energy, Yukon Visual T&D Software provides end users with the ability to view substation data in real time. Key features of the product include the ability to access a graphical representation of an electrical network, manage alarms and events, log HMI/SCADA data, manage controls and operations, and analyze real-time and historical data.

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