Hall effect switches

APEM introduces Hall effect switches for rugged, harsh Environments.

Haverhill, Mass., March 16, 2011—APEM has introduced two new Hall effect switches, designed to work in the most rugged and harsh environments. The new IH series of switches are low maintenance, contact less, sealed pushbuttons that come in two versions: linear proportional output and momentary switch. The switches are made of extremely durable materials, including switch bushings of Zamak, a robust family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium and copper. Life expectancy for both versions is estimated at above 5 million cycles at least 10 times more than the classic mechanical switch, which is rated for about 500,000 cycles.

With the lowest behind-panel depth on the market, and IP67 sealing guaranteeing protection against the effects of being immersed in water 15 centimeters and up to1 meter deep for 30 minutes, the IH series is for customers looking to reduce maintenance, especially in outdoor locations where switch replacement may be difficult. Those integrating switches into dashboards or panels with space issues will find the compact size and low profile critical factors.

The IH linear version is for control valves or variable speed drives. Suitable applications include industrial controls, heavy-duty equipment and other handling applications where operators need to control motion and speed. The linear version can also function as an additional axis for handgrip/joystick operations. It is designed to react to the pressure exerted on the switch; response is proportional to actuator travel. Hall effect technology ensures no-contact, low wear and tear for reliable, long life. Mechanical life for the linear version is estimated at 5 million cycles. The switches feature outputs ranging from 0.5 volts to 4.5 volts. The more the switch is pressed, the higher the output voltage.

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