Managed switches for utility applications

GarrettCom introduces substation-hardened managed switches for power utility applications.

Fremont, Calif, January 14, 2011—GarrettCom Inc. is rolling out the next generation of IEC 61850-compatible, substation-hardened managed switches targeted for power utility applications. The Magnum 10KT Managed Switches will first be demonstrated at DistribuTECH 2011 in San Diego, Calif., Feb. 1-3, in booth 627.

The new Magnum 10KT Managed Switches include sub-10-nanosecond timing precision for utility applications, the first dual hot-swappable power supplies in a 1U rack-mount switch, and up to 36 ports that can be configured to meet the needs of each installation—including up to four Gb ports. The 10KT Managed Switches come in a substation-hardened enclosure utilizing new patent-pending advanced thermal design techniques that allow the switches to run cooler and more efficiently. The switches come with an enhanced version of the field-proven Magnum MNS 6K software with robust security features built-in.

Magnum 10KT switches provide the bandwidth, precision and hardening required for optimization of smart grid initiatives in substation environments today.

Precision timing using IEEE 1588:
The 10KT switches offer unmatched time synchronization based on the IEEE 1588v2 protocol to provide the sub-microsecond timing accuracy required in substation applications. Tests have demonstrated that GarrettCom’s patent-pending hardware/software design supports a mean synchronization time accuracy of less than 10 nanoseconds. The 1588v2 timing features supported include master clock, boundary clock and transparent clock. The timing accuracy exceeds the requirements of “next generation” 61850-3 specifications, enabling complex smart grid substation networks to perform in harsh environments as technology continues to evolve.

Highly configurable with up to 36 ports, including up to four Gb ports, Magnum 10KT configurations provide 10 slots for combinations of port types and support up to 36 100Mb fiber and copper ports, four of which may be Gigabit. By providing high port density, the 10KT provides the connectivity necessary in today’s more IP-intensive substations and reduces the potential points of failure in a substation communications system.

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