Surface mount central office splitter module

Pulse Electronics introduces surface mount central office splitter module.

San Diego, January 28, 2011—Pulse Electronics Corp. (NYSE: PULS), a provider of electronic components, introduces the first surface mount (SMT) central office (CO) splitter module. The B89S59NL is used on a rack card in a digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) or within roadside cabinets to combine or split separate plain old telephone service (POTS) and DSL data signals.

Pulse Electronics' module is the first CO splitter module in a surface mount, rather than through-hole configuration, which offers many advantages. SMT technology provides improved shock and vibration resistance as a result of the shorter lead lengths. Manufacturing benefits include reduced board and material handling costs. The SMT soldering process can be automated for high volume manufacturing to expedite and increase production and reduce labor and handling. Placement of SMT modules is more reliable than placing through-hole modules or hand soldering because when the heated soldering sheet becomes molten; the natural surface tension it creates pulls the components into their exact proper positions.

"This product is the only surface mount central office splitter module on the market today," said Ronan Kelly, product marketing engineer for Pulse Electronics. "SMT PCBs are much stronger and resistant to external stress than their through-hole counterparts. When an electronic device is dropped or shaken, and if the components have been surface-mounted, the electrical connection is much more likely to remain intact. The higher quality product accompanied by the manufacturing advantages will definitely improve the options for companies that design and manufacture central office equipment."

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