Retrofit existing transformers

Pacific Crest Transformers offers transformers for retrofit market.

Medford, Ore., January 10, 2011—Pacific Crest Transformers (PCT) announces that it offers a transformer design for retrofitting existing transformers. PCT meets the market’s need for a turnkey retrofit solution that fits into an existing space and easily connects to high and low voltage equipment already in place.

PCT’s transformers are custom-designed for each installation, so the retrofit design and mechanical components can be matched with the existing application. With Pacific Crest’s turnkey solution, facility managers can quickly and easily replace transformers during a planned outage.

The company’s leading edge design offers an extremely high efficiency transformer, which meets the needs of facilities responding to Department of Energy requirements stipulating that replacement transformers incorporate new high efficiency standards.

Large multi-facility companies seeking to anticipate and plan for future transformer replacement can use PCT’s engineering expertise to develop proactive transformer replacement programs. PCT conducts inventories of installed transformers and develops a library of conceptual designs ahead of time. This enables customers to anticipate costs and avoid lag time for design work. Companies can order replacements from the bank of designs as needed, before a costly outage.

“Literally millions of transformers are coming to the end of their natural life and must be replaced,” said Tom Steeber, Pacific Crest Transformer’s vice president of marketing and sales. “Pacific Crest offers a leading edge replacement transformer and can partner with our customers to give them a strategy for planning their retrofit programs.”

PCT’s transformers feature circular windings that spread the radial forces evenly over their circumference and have cooling ducts throughout the coils, eliminating hot spots that lead to premature breakdown and ultimately to transformer failure. Coil end blocking with heavy-duty 3 gauge steel bracing and proprietary pressure plates contains the axial forces exerted during a fault condition. These forces can cause telescoping of the coils, shortening transformer life. The innovative design includes round coils, a cruciform, mitered core with heavy-duty clamping and a proprietary pressure plate design, as well as a premium no-load tap changer.

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