Power conversion products offer high efficiency rates

Benning Power Electronics’ new power conversion products will help transform the country’s traditional power grid into a smart grid .

Richardson, Texas—Benning Power Electronics announces the release of three new power conversion products with high efficiency that will allow power utilities to upgrade their networks in line with the U.S Government’s new smart grid initiatives. The DC/DC Converter, DC/AC Inverter and HDi Rectifier/Charger are designed with best-in-class technology to provide low-voltage power conversion for electrical substations that is more compact, robust and cost effective than traditional power conversion products. The modular design of Benning’s new products also offers clients critical redundancy capabilities to increase the overall reliability of their system.

“We are introducing new technology that is going to help anyone involved in upgrading the transportation, generation and distribution of power get to the smart grid objective, better, faster and at a lower cost,” said Mario Barbaresso, CEO of Benning Power Electronics. “The U.S. is still using the same standards for its power transmission/distribution that were set in the early 1900’s. This is going to help the U.S. move forward in terms of power availability, efficiency, reliability and flexibility, and most of all, allow the connection of multiple power sources such as photovoltaic power plants and wind farms. The next 10 years are not going to be about advancements in computer technology, it’s going to be about power.”

Benning’s new power conversion products provide the low voltage power needed at electrical substations around the country to power the telecom/data equipment needed to communicate, monitor and control the power along the grid or at any generation/distribution points.“ The unique thing about our products is that they are designed to provide a robust, modular and energy efficient low-voltage power solution. Our ‘grow as you go’ and N+1 concepts allow a minimum initial investment and offers optimum, cost effective reliability,” said Barbaresso.
Benning products, including the DC/DC Converter, DC/AC Inverter and HDi

Rectifier/Charger are cited to have the highest efficiency rates in the industry—up to a 94 percent efficiency rate—compared to the industry average of 80 percent, which allows power companies to save money and be environmentally sensitive. Additionally, they are constructed with robust components that greatly lengthen the lifespan of each unit. “Benning products, which are assembled in the U.S., are the result of a great collaboration between American and German engineers, ensuring that our products are built to last,” said Barbaresso.

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