N female connector designed for plenum cable

RF Connectors’ RFN-1028-12 N female connector features crimped attachment.

RF Connectors
RF Connectors

San Diego—Where wireless applications require an easily routed, low loss RF cable for in-building systems, Times Microwave LMR-400-LLPL has become a popular choice. This cable is an indoor, highly fire retarded cable intended specifically for runs within return air handling plenums (e.g. dropped ceilings, raised floors).

To meet the connection needs of this plenum cable, RF Connectors has designed the RFN-1028-I2 N female connector with crimp attachment to offer the perfect fit and performance. The connector body is made of machined brass with nickel plating. All dielectrics are made of Dupont Teflon with gold plated contacts.

RF Connectors is a division of RF Industries (NASDAQ RFIL), a supplier of connecting solutions provided through its operating divisions: RF Connectors, RF Cable Assembly, Aviel Electronics, RF Neulink, RadioMobile, OddCables and RF Precision Products.

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