Small wind business continues international expansion

Evance Wind Turbines has launched its North American program as it strengthens its international network.

Lincoln, U.K., May 2, 2011—Evance Wind Turbines, a manufacturer of small wind turbines, has launched its North American program as it strengthens its international network. Initial partnerships with Aeris Alternative Energy, CB Wind Systems, Talco Electronics and WeKnow Technologies, mean Evance Wind’s turbines will be readily available to the world’s second biggest small wind market.

In December 2010 the U.S. House approved a one-year extension of the 1603 investment tax credit, in order to further develop renewable energy sources. This will be a significant incentive for those wanting to invest in small wind turbines. Furthermore, many states provide additional funding and grant opportunities.

According to a recent American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) report, an estimated 100,000 systems have been installed since 1980. With the renewed government incentive and an estimated 13 million homes suitable for small wind, the number of installations is expected to rise in 2011.

“As the second biggest market for small wind, North America represents a huge opportunity for us,” said Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. “Due to our North American program we have been able to secure relationships with leading resellers across the country including Texas, the state that produces the most wind power and Iowa, where already 20 percent of electricity is generated from wind.”

The patented technology is designed to lead the field in reliable performance and offers customers reduced energy costs. The R9000 starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run at high wind speeds, giving owners maximum energy yield.

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