More than 2300 electrical conduit and fitting products on website

Thomas & Betts’ electrical conduit and fitting CAD models now available online.

Memphis, Tenn., February 28, 2011—Thomas & Betts has launched an online CAD Library of more than 2,300 electrical conduit and fittings products on its website at Two- and three-dimensional models are available for download in more than 90 native computer-aided design (CAD) formats.

“Our customers will save substantial time and cost with the ability to download 3-D CAD models of conduit and fittings into their designs,” said Gary Clarke, group product marketing manager with Thomas & Betts. “T&B has eliminated much of the time-intensive and sometimes costly process of creating, migrating and translating catalog content for use in drafting and design by making CAD-compatible product data available on demand and free of charge.”

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