Mobile computing terminal

RadioMobile’s MCT8500 mobile computer terminal offers easy integration into existing systems.

San Diego, February 18, 2011— RadioMobile has released its MCT8500 mobile computing terminal for vehicles with computing requirements. This processor is compatible with a variety of software systems and applications. It uses an industry standard high performance Intel processing and graphics chip set with a solid state hard drive. The use of commercial off-the-shelf components ensures easy upgrades and repair.

Agencies can integrate the MCT8500 into their current mobile computing systems, allowing users to keep displays, keyboards and components or upgrading components as budgets allow. The rugged extruded metal case and flexible modular design allow for numerous mounting configurations and tight installations. Full systems including keyboards and touch-screen displays, as well as system analysis, are also available.

RadioMobile is a provider of affordable end-to-end mobile wireless network solutions for public safety, emergency medical and transportation customers.

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