ITC Holdings Secures Their Critical Cyber Assets with CyberLock

Concerns about vandalism, theft and the potential for sabotage and other acts of terrorism has motivated ITC Holdings, Inc.

Robert Blickensdorf, ITC Security Manager, says, "We needed a system that could eliminate the risks associated with the duplication of keys and track contractors and employees that go into locations that contain critical cyber assets." ITC wanted to know where each key had been used, how it had been used, and by whom.

The new MMC200 offers users the widest range of industrial cutting applications available now. The MMC200 cuts round or flat material up to 3.94 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick (100 mm wide and 16 mm thick). Boasting a maximum cutting force of 600 pounds, the MMC200 can cut a virtually limitless range of materials, including copper wire and cable, silver solder, power cords, cellophane, fiberglass sleeving, latex, fabrics, belting, flat and ribbon cable, strapping, hosing and tubing. For many materials, the unit is capable of cutting multiple pieces of the same material in one cut, increasing operator efficiency by allowing higher production runs in less time than other cutters. This microprocessor-controlled cutter can be easily programmed to cut any length (in inches or millimeters), with a 1% or better tolerance reliant on material construction. Programmable for up to 99 batches and 10 fixed feed rates, the MMC200 is rated to cut up to 7,592, 2-inch pieces per hour.

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