New IDEAL Telco BigFoot Uses Leverage Not Muscle to Cut Thick Communications Cables

Building on the success of its original BigFoot (TM) ratcheting cable cutter introduced last year, IDEAL has launched the Telco BigFoot designed to let datacom installers easily cut up to 2700 pair telephone cable or thick Stalpath® type communications cable with significantly less stress on their hands and forearms.

Installers who routinely cut large cables will appreciate the Telco BigFoot as a time and labor saving tool that reduces repetitive motion injuries. To use the Telco BigFoot, the contractor simply plants its over molded boot on the ground and then pushes down on the other handle, using the tool's mechanical leverage to cut the cable instead of muscular force.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it is releasing an enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented System, ProSafe-RS R2.02.00, on October 31. This new version adds an output module for use with alternating voltage power sources and offers improved maintenance and documentation functions that make this system ideal for widely distributed upstream processes, including wellheads and pipelines. These enhancements meet users' latest requirements for safety instrumented systems, and strike the perfect balance between improved operational efficiency and safety in upstream and downstream processes.

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